8 social media goals to help boost your strategy in 2020

by Jesitha Green Web developer

In business, goals are fundamental as they serve a roadmap for your strategy and also enable you to boost your bottom line and grow your business.

Social media marketing is one of the important factors of Search Engine Optimization. You should follow strategies for digital marketing agencies.

Data perspicacity should always be the cornerstone of all your goal setting. That's why for the list of social media goals for 2020 based on each recommendation on data insights. Taking keywords as a trend, identify the goals that will be relevant to directions on the social media platform. 

 A list of some social media goals that you should consider to follow in 2020.

Focus on your audience

Social media is quite updating, and social media marketers need to stay on top of these changes. One of the basic points is making sure that your business is customer-oriented. 

How does the principle of focusing on customers apply to 2020 social media trends?

The main thing to do in 2020 is to stop ignoring your customers on social platforms. 

How do you utilize social media to engage with your target audience?

The simplest way to utilize social listening is to find and respond to untagged mentions where people are talking about your company without directly reaching you. With this, you can analyze large amounts of social data to discover potential customers and understand your target audience. 

Start selling on social.

Social media platforms are working to offer more and more convenient ways to sell our products directly.

Focus on selling on social media include features like Instagram checkout that enable users to buy from a brand they like, Pinterest that incorporates more commercial features.

You can sell on social without any extra feature by throwing your products to the users that might be interested in it.

Here is, the Tips you can increase your Facebook Engagement for eCommerce

How do you find such users?

Join relevant communities on social media such as Facebook, subreddits, Instagram pages, etc. Social listening will enable you to find social posts that indicate buying intent. Then you can engage with these users in real-time.

Utilize Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the use of keywords to attract potential consumers to your profile and content. 

SMO starts with utilizing your page to include your brand's information. 

It is important to include your address and contact information. It's important to include your address and contact information. The use of keywords within bio that can identify your business is advantageous.

Focus on platforms and times to post

You must identify your distribution channels and define your strategies for each and every channel. Statista identifies the most important social media platforms for marketers worldwide.

Statista identified that 67% of marketers said Facebook was the most effective social channel, Instagram at 10%, Twitter at 5%, and Pinterest at 2%.

According to the research, the social media platform is most active and engaging with your brand. It will help you to determine where to focus.

Plan the type of content you intend to share 

You'll need high-quality content to share to be successful on social media. Keep in mind that social networks are designed to be social; they're never intended to be a marketplace to sell your product only.

You need to match the content you share on various social media platforms. You can share a mixture of informative and entertaining items with adding a bit of promotional material. You should have a reasonable idea of the type of content that will resonate with your target audience. 

Customize your content for each social media

It's essential to keep in mind that every social channel is different. So, you should customize your content for each network. For example,


It comes with some limitations, such as you can't write more than 280 characters in a tweet. Your message needs to be informative and short. You can include links in tweets and hashtags. 


You can post longer content than tweets on Facebook. Don't create too long as people can be easily turned off their walls. If you're sharing curated content, it is a good idea to include some personal comments. You can also post short videos and some relevant images related to your content. 

Target and Retarget

Retargeting lets you deliver ads based on the user intent and the stage of the buyer's journey. 

You can twitch the tracking pixel to target users. That'll show ads to only those users who spent more than a minute on the pricing page.

Other than remarketing ads, most of the social media platforms allow you to create custom audiences. 

You can expand the reach of your drive by exploring the audience option on Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This option identifies users that share identical characteristics and behaviors on the basis of your existing audience.

Checkout with your competitors

You should know...

  • Who are your most imminent competitors?

  • Which social channels are they using to connect their targeted audience?

  • What are they doing?

  • What content are they posting, and how is it performing?

By understanding your competitors and how they are connecting with their audience, you'll get a better understanding of your market. 

Social media is here to stay. Social media optimization is bound to change as the spotlight and algorithms change into something unrecognizable. But the center to bring people together will remain the same.

You'll have to update your search engine marketing according to the changes in your business. You can use the above described top tips to boost your exposure, improve brand trust, increase your sales, and learn more about your target audience.

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