8 Reasons Why Aluminium is Perfect For your Modular Kitchen

by Al Basira Best Aluminium and Glass Cont. Company In Dubai UA
If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, you may be well aware of the aluminium modular kitchen designs. These designs are a hot-favourite among homeowners thanks to their sleek and modern look. Aside from offering great aesthetics to your kitchen, aluminium is a material that comes with varied functional benefits. 

Here’s why aluminium is a perfect choice for your modular kitchen: 

1. Hassle-Free Cleaning

With aluminium kitchen cabinets installed, you would never have to worry about cleaning. The metallic finish and non-porous surface of these cabinets ensure no absorption which makes cleaning super simple. You only need a damp cloth to wipe and clean them. 

2. Say Goodbye to Pests

Wooden cabinets and surfaces attract pests especially termites. But when you have an aluminium-fabrication modular kitchen, pest infestation isn’t a thing you’d have to think about. The non-porous properties of aluminium keep it away from bacteria, mildew as well as mould. Since food items are an integral part of your kitchen, this aspect will benefit you a lot. 

3. Rust No More

Another factor that makes aluminium the most preferred kitchen choice is that its rust-free. The oxide layer surrounding aluminium cabinets and drawers safeguards them from corrosion and deterioration of any kind. 

4. Water-Resistant

If you’ve been using wooden cabinets, you’d know humid and moist environment affects their durability. Even damp utensils pose a threat for those cabinets. These cabinets require frequent care, maintenance as well as replacement. However, aluminium is moisture-proof. This is one of the major advantages that is lending to its increasing popularity. In fact, according to professionals offering aluminium and glass works in Dubai - more people have moved from a wooden kitchen to aluminium kitchen recently.  

5. Ensure Fire Safety 

Working in the kitchen requires one to deal with the fire. This means the fire-resistance nature of aluminium is a huge advantage for homeowners. In other words, the durability of aluminium isn’t affected due to heat. You can cook all you want without constantly worrying about the kitchen catching on fire. Aluminium keeps your kitchen safe and reduces the chances of any unseemly accidents. 

6. An Eco-Friendly Storage Solution

Your modular kitchen deserves a great look and feel, and aluminium can be your trusted partner in ensuring that. And if you are someone who is also concerned about the environment, you’re in for a surprise. In case you didn’t know, aluminium is a fully recyclable material. Unlike wood that promotes deforestation, aluminium is a sustainable and Eco-friendly storage solution. It allows you to ensure a well-maintained kitchen while helping you save the planet. 

7. Value for Money

By now, you may have already decided that aluminium is the ideal modular kitchen choice. Next comes the cost, and the total cost of an aluminium kitchen depends on the standard and quality of aluminium you select. Compared to wood and other materials, the price of a newly remodelled aluminium kitchen is slightly on a higher side. 

Even though you will be paying more, you will largely benefit from the quality and durability it offers. It won’t be wrong to say that the amount you’d be paying will be totally worth it. Moreover, if you contact a reputed company, you might as well get great discounts.

For instance, Al Basira, the leading supplier of glass and aluminium products like folding doors, shower cabins, glass rooms UAE offers a fantastic range of aluminium kitchen cabinets that you must check out. Their variety is diverse and their prices are extremely affordable - you must contact them at least once. 

8. Truly the Best

Please don’t let the high cost of an aluminium modular kitchen discourage you from choosing this option. Don’t comprise on the quality if you want a kitchen that is immune to excessive use, dents, fire as well as moisture. Investing a little more today will help you save a lot in the future. 

In case you’re still doubtful about whether or not aluminium is good for your modular kitchen, talk to an expert. Share your concerns with an experienced expert over a call or email and we’re sure they will help you out. 

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