8 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Tasks

by Sophia Hopps Sophia - MBA Student in NEW YORK

Make time for yourself and live an extra life!

Don't waste your time doing tasks that could be handled by an assistant virtual. Doing tasks at a rate of $20/hour limit your ability to grow your sales and your annual earnings. Learn to delegate specific tasks to let you concentrate on the tasks you care about most in your business, such as listing prospecting, going to listing appointments and networking for your business.

The most effective and efficient way to use your efforts as a licensed local real estate professional is to get listings and serve your buyers. In this post, we'll review the top 8 reasons to hire virtual assistants to assist you with your real estate needs.

Save Time

We all have the same amount of time each day. It's our choice to decide how we will divide the time and choose where to concentrate our attention. According to the old saying "What you concentrate on grows."

When you are caught up in administration and paperwork each day, you feel like there is no end to the pile, as the minions arrive every night to replenish the pile of documents. When you decide to outsource your documents, paperwork, email, files and more you'll discover the power of reaching your goals since you're focused on finding more information One of the complaints I get from agents is that they don't have the time to learn how to train an assistant via a virtual platform, especially in the case of specific ways of working with their listings or follow-up checklists. But, you can employ an agency that specializes in real estate to train you. This will enable you to take on VAs without much energy and work Take the situation as follows: It may take you up to six hours to teach one person on a specific task, which could seem like a long time in the beginning. You're probably spending 2 hours every week working on a similar job. If you assign the job an assistant virtual at the end of week 4, you'll gain an additional hour a week. The two hours gained to other important tasks, like joining a social networking group or obtaining certification to increase your knowledge and expertise in a particular real estate field.

It's a win-win.

Save Money

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

If you decide to outsource your real estate-related tasks with a virtual assistant you can cut down on labour costs by over 40 per cent. This is because you do not need to pay for payroll taxes or social security taxes or unemployment taxes, as well as the administrative fees associated with hiring administrative assistants in-house.

The amount you pay your VAs can be tax-deductible. If the real estate virtual assistant you hire is in the United States, you will have to mail an income tax receipt to them every year. However, if you are working with virtual assistants from an area such as the Philippines and the Philippines, you won't need to give them 1099. (I do not work as an attorney for tax purposes or a tax attorney, nor do I appear as

one on television. It is always recommended to consult with a lawyer who is experienced.) There is no payroll paperwork to fill out as well as insurance forms also. There aren't any rules (outside of what you agree in conjunction with the virtual assistant) to provide paid sick days or paid vacation days.

You'll save more Money since you do not have to be at the office while they're working, and you won't have to be seated side-by-side to train an administrator. You could be on the go looking for listings.

Make Time For Family and Self-Care

If you can outsource projects and tasks related to real estate You can free up time for the things that matter to you, your family.

Self-care can be neglected when you're the "be-all end-all" person for your clients and potential clients. Let go even if perfectionist or have issues with control. It's impossible to do all things on your own. If you've burned the candle both ways for too long , what could be the consequences, both physically and emotionally. Take care of yourself.

When you assign your admin tasks, repetitive chores, and redundancies, you'll realize how taking care of your self has never felt this great. You'll also be able to stop missing your child's baseball or soccer games. You will not miss a recital or dance. You'll be able to prioritize the time you spend with your family without interruption.

Increase Your Income

You could double or triple your income by delegating tasks that hinder you from earning the income you deserve. The following quote from Jean-Paul Getty sums it in a nutshell: "I would rather earn 1percent of 100 people's efforts rather than 100 percent of my own effort.

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business Review also found that delegating more tasks you aren't required to perform yourself will free your time so that you can use it for activities in areas that are most valuable. In general, increasing your productivity leads to an increase in your income.

Focus On What You Do Best

We all have unique skills and talents. Passionate about various areas of our work.

In the real estate industry, I've observed that the majority of agents are great at building relationships. To increase the number of clients and listings, you need time to meet with clients and build relationships until they become familiar with and believe in the agent. This must all happen before the time the contract is executed for an exclusivity listing.

If you're not spending at minimum 20% on building connections, you'll never achieve your goals for income. This is time spent being in front of people, either via telephone or even in person. Real estate remains an all-in-one business. People want to know that you take care of them.

Concentrate on what you are good at and then delegate the rest.

Reach Your Goals

If you assign the tasks of a virtual assistant or to a group of VAs, you'll achieve more of your objectives.

Imagine setting aside a "thinking period." It's my most valuable time, and it's time I look back on my previous week's events and plan my next week. The time to think allows me to organize my goals and incorporate them into my weekly, daily and monthly calendar.

Your goals become more realistic because you're not focusing on activities that do not get the results you're hoping to achieve.

Expand Your Business

Have you considered creating a real estate team? Perhaps you could hire a buyer agent, or even two? The more you give to virtual assistants, the more time you'll be able to develop your business.

Are you prepared to make your listings stand out on the internet? Virtual assistants who are trained can assist you in advertising your listings on your behalf. Marketing listings is a method to gain more listings. If sellers are impressed with your efforts to market and the results it does to their home, they'll be more likely to recommend you to other people.

One of the most important things to do is reserve a certain amount of Money to market each listing online to make it visible to potential buyers and agents. This will result in more sales and listings.

Explore New Opportunities

If you're feeling rejuvenated and you're not being shackled by tasks that should not be done, You can look at possibilities in your company.

Perhaps you'd like to venture into commercial real estate and property management or even improve your listings using the virtual staging of your home. Perhaps you'd like to know the basics of investing in real estate to increase your portfolio of investment. Whatever you decide to do, know that you'll have more time to achieve your goals in real estate.


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