8 Essential Tips for a Successful Ketogenic Diet

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer

The ketogenic diet cuts the carbs out of your diet, replacing them with healthy fats. It’s a popular diet trend for many, but especially for those with diabetes, with plenty attesting to the positive results of the meal plan. If you’re planning to switch, here are a few tips to make sure you’re successful.

Try IF First

IF or intermittent fasting is one way to get you into ketosis and help you lose weight. It means you won’t be allowed to drink or eat anything for certain time intervals. For instance, some start with an interval of 10 hours others go to 14-hours between meals, and still, others go for about 16 hours. It depends on how long you can hold out but for beginners, 10 hours is a good start.

Try Out Desserts

Some worry that they might never eat sweets again and this puts them off the diet. But there are plenty of keto desserts you can try and they’re tasty and don’t taste like paper. With these desserts, you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.

Reduce Stress

Chronic stress gets in the way of a successful diet as it hinders your body’s ability to get into ketosis. The stress hormone elevates the sugar levels in your blood, keeping you from burning fats for energy. That means there’s too much sugar in your system. If it’s a stressful time, postpone going on a keto diet.

Sleep More

Poor sleep also increases the stress hormones in your system. You want to avoid that outcome, though, since so start maintaining a proper sleep schedule. That will help your keto diet be more effective. You also need at least about seven to nine hours of sleep. 

Fix Your Bedroom

Make it easier to fall asleep by sleeping in a chilly room and having blackout curtains. That will help you get into a more restorative sleep with greater ease. You can also try putting an eye mask at night. Keeping your eyes covered might also help you fall asleep quicker.

Exercise a Lot

Going on a keto diet isn’t the only way you can lose the extra pounds. You’ll want to exercise regularly as well. Regular exercise will boost your ketone levels and make it easier for you to adjust to low carb but a high-fat lifestyle. You need to lose any glucose present if you want to get into ketosis and frequent exercise helps that along.

Stop Drinking Soda

Soda has a ton of sugar, even the diet soda you love to order. It’s not a good fit with your ketogenic diet plan, especially since many types of sodas use sugar substitutes that signal to your body that there’s a large amount of sugar in your system. That still increases your sugar levels. Also, if you always pick zero-calorie sweeteners, that strengthens your cravings for sweets. Switch to water instead. It’s a healthy alternative.

Drink a Lot

Hydrate. Drink a lot of water. And because your body secretes more water when you’re on a keto diet—because you’ve cut down on the carbs—then make sure you drink plenty of water.

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