8 common mistakes that CDR report writers want the applicants to avoid while writing CDR

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A CDR getting rejected is the most common scenario that engineers wishing to migrate in Australia encounter.

But sadly, not many are aware of the reasons why their CDRs fail to impress the EA (Engineers Australia) authorities. This is why to avoid such risks many engineers consider hiring CDR report writers in Australia.

So even if you’re a skilled engineer but you still run the risk of getting rejected. One possible reason for this could be your inability to focus on your writing.

Since writing skill is a fundamental factor in producing a stellar CDR, the expert CDR report writers always suggest avoiding the following mistakes.

1. Employing too many technical terms

When you prepare you career episode, you need to specify the mathematical calculations that excel at, the kind of software you utilized, the challenges you overcame while pursuing engineering. But then again you must not sound too technical.

When you stuff the career episode with diagrams or illustrations or charts, it becomes difficult for the authorities at the EA to decipher the competency elements they’re specifically searching for.

Always ensure that you only incorporate the details EA is particularly seeking and offer brief information or specifications regarding your role or your project. You can hire professional Cdr Engineers Australia if you aren’t confident about preparing the document.

2. Adding bullet points instead of numbered paragraph

The guidelines specified by EA specifically states that each Career Episode should be presented in the essay format. Although you have to write the Career Episodes by numbering each paragraph, avoid using bullet points in the write-up.

Your Career Episodes should include a clear Introduction, Your accomplishments while pursuing Engineering, and a concise summary of the whole document. The write-up must provide maximum competency aspects written in the Summary Statement format. There are many CDR report writers available online to prepare your document efficiently.

3. Check the length of your Career Episode

The prescribed length of the Career Episode is somewhere between 1,000-2,500 words. Make sure you adhere to the specified word limit, but at the same time include all the information EA is looking for.

It’s best that you go through the EA guidelines first and then determine which aspects of your career growth fits perfectly with the particular competencies.

Then, proceed to prepare the first draft. Emphasize on the parts that demonstrate the competencies you possess. 

4. Never pass off other people’s ideas as your own

You CDR should be about your achievements, so copying other people’s ideas will get you nowhere. Also, the CDR samples available online are only good for references.

Go through the samples to take inspiration on how to present your CDR document appropriately, instead of blatantly copying them. The CDR is supposed to be prepared by you and offer a peek into ‘your’ career growth and experience. Alternatively, you can seek the help of efficient Professional CDR Writer to prepare the papers.

5. Don’t waste two career episodes on one project

Dedicate one project that you’ve accomplished in one Career Episode. Don’t elaborate on the same project in two separate Career Episodes consecutively.

For instance, you might decide to elucidate on the project you did while you were in college or university on the first career episode, and you can use the second Career Episode for the projects you took up while on your first job. Similarly, you can write the third Career Episode on the projects you dealt with in the later part of your career.

6. Focus on your language

Typically, you should adopt a proper Australian English for presenting your career episodes, which closely resembles British English. In case you do employ your native language to draft your Career Episodes, don’t forget to incorporate appropriate translation to support them in your CDR report.

Often EA might not be able to evaluate your CDR report because they’re unfamiliar with the language you’ve used in the document. This is why you can consider hiring the CDR report writers in Australia.

7. Take a professional approach while writing the paper

While preparing your CDR, you need to understand that you are producing an official document which must have a professional approach.

So you must be careful about the formatting, proper spellings and grammar, and the fluidity of sentences within your CEs. You can avail the services of CDR engineers australia skills assessment if you’re not quite adept at academic writing.

8. Incorporate the problem statement in your career episodes

Don’t forget to add the crucial problem statements in your career episodes and explain the measures to adopt to eliminate them. The details of your project that you were working on and your role in developing the project should be the focus of your Career Episode.

With these helpful pointers, you should have no issues while presenting your CDR the next time. 

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