7 Unavoidable Symptoms to Tell That You Need Root Canal Treatment

by James Spencer Blogger

You may have the query that toot canal treatment hurts? Well, this is quite a tricky question, but the fact is- it doesn’t hurt! Instead, the pain comes from the infected root canal that already took place before any treatment. 

In fact, root canal procedures are generally painless, and it eliminates the pain from infected tooth or gum area. So, when you visit an HCF accredited dentist in Adelaide, you will find how the infected tooth is actually the culprit that hurts you. Here are signs and symptoms as suggested by the professionals to find the warning signs that your teeth need RCT. 

  • Pain: The intensity of tooth pain will tell a lot of things. The infected pulp can go from slight to extreme. At times, you will feel the infected tooth is pulsing the same as your heartbeat. Even normal activities like eating and drinking hot or cold items will cause a lot of pain. Due to pain and increasing infection, the nerve across the gum area will be found inflamed. Antibiotics can temporarily fix the condition, but a root canal treatment eases the problem in a better way. 

  • Cracked Teeth: If you find that your teeth are getting cracked or chipped eating the hard foods or upon facing an accident, it exposes the nerves beneath the surface of the tooth and lead to an infection. An infection in a tooth’s root enters into the bloodstream and spread. Such untreated gum and teeth condition requires root canal treatment in Adelaide to get rid of the infection and resulting pain. 

  • Discolouration of Tooth: A discoloured tooth is the result of poor hygiene. The exposure of your teeth to the food and drink stains your tooth enamel, and sometimes it is caused by the damage to the nerve and blood vessels around. 

  • Prolonged Sensitivity: It is another common sign that people suffering from tooth or gum infection is sensitivity. If you find drinking hot or cold items is causing a lot of pain, and for weeks or months, you may need root canal treatment.

  • Tender or Swollen Gums: Swelling of gums can occur sometimes on an infected tooth. There could be a noticeable lump, and even your tooth may feel slightly elevated due to swelling. 

  • Gum Pimples: The infection inside the tooth causes pimple or gum lesions. If left untreated, the size of the pimple can increase over time. 

  • General Feeling of Illness: Swollen or tender lymph nodes can cause you fever and make you feel uneasy accompanied by other signs.

If your tooth is infected, it can be identified in X-rays, which will look like a dark spot located at the tip of the roots of the tooth. A gentle caring dentist in Adelaide uses local anesthesia to the affected tooth, make an opening to remove the affected tooth pulp, and then do the filling. With root canal treatment, you can remove the infection while eliminating the pain.

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