7 Things to Stop Buying Now and Save Over £1000 Each Month!

by Emma Anderson Short Term Loan Solutions with Loan

7 Things to Stop Buying Now and Save Over £1000 Each Month!


Individuals spend nearly £2000 a month mostly unconsciously.

Did you order pizza just because you don’t feel like cooking last week?

Did you grab that Starbucks coffee 5 times a week in the business discussions?

If you could resonate with these lines, this blog is a must-read!

The blog talks about some things that might be breaking your bank unknowingly. Let’s start!

Have You Been Wasting Money All This While?  Here Are Things You Should Stop Buying NOW!


These are certain things that you can stop buying immediately and save more:

1)      Hardcovers of books

Bibliophiles cannot remain away from books. They prefer hardcovers to reading books online. Do you find yourself in the book store with some new edition hit social media? You aren’t alone.

Nearly every book lover does so. Buying hard copies instead of e-books can cost you good. E-books are relatively available at half the cost of hardcovers or paperbacks. If you are habitual to purchasing hardcover online, prefer buying it as an e-book. Instead, buy a library subscription and visit there to explore your favourite book.

2)      Monthly subscriptions

Youngsters are habitual to updating subscriptions once they expire. But halt for a second and think- is this subscription update important?

How often do you use that application? If you hardly use it, there is no point in updating the same. Make a list of subscriptions you use and analyze which of these you hardly use. You will know where to cut the costs.

3)      Unnecessary expense on Knickknacks

There is a fine line that separates decor from bogus-looking objects. Things you buy to decorate your home do not necessarily meet decor expectations. But one doesn’t realize this.

Thus, think twice before spending money on scented candles, decorative lights, artistic pieces, etc. Analyze whether you are going overboard on your budget to buy these items. You can save much by skipping on unnecessary stuff and investing instead to build your portfolio.

4)      Paper products

One often spends unmindful on paper products. From buying paperbacks to towels and napkins. Paper plates, napkins, and disposable dishes are ideal if you plan a picnic or a party ahead.

Using them in place of plastic dishes is good, but are you spending too much on these? You can instead go for ceramic cutlers. It is durable, and you do not need to run the market every time.

5)      Frequent dining

It is the first thing that 90% of individuals skip paying attention to. It is good to celebrate even a small win. But is it taking a toll on your budget? When you go out with your family and friends, you cannot keep track of time and course the money! How many times do you find yourself enjoying a comfortable ambience? 

If it is over 3 times a month, you need to revise your finances. You can instead host a potluck at home and invite your dear ones. It will be economical, and you will enjoy it more in your own space. It can save you good pounds on dining.

6)      Getting nail art done

Are you a fashionista keeping a tab on leading fashion trends?

Do you get your nails done frequently?

Nail art requires precision and creativity and hence costs good. If you spend a good part of your earnings on nail art, you need to think again. You can save this amount if you could DIY (Do it yourself).  By doing it yourself, you can get a professional look at home.

There are many beauty products and experiments one can perform without being an expert. However, nail art requires expertise, but you can slash the frequency of getting it done. You can save up to £35 on every nail art.

7)      In-application purchases

Are you a gaming enthusiast and spending a fortune on updates?

Are you spending well on getting rid of ads on applications – like YouTube?

Then, you need to stop if you want to save. If you cannot stop it altogether, you can think about setting an amount limit. For this, you can use budgeting applications. These will help you track additional purchases and help you budget.

Cutting on or slashing some of these expenses will help you save money. If you are looking for loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees from a direct lender to get immediate approval, you will need to prove good repayment proof. Instead, you can save for repayments to fun your big event gracefully.           

So, which of these expenses are you used to making? Comment.

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