7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Best Commercial Pressure Washer

by Avijit Mondal Seo_expert

7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Best Commercial Pressure Washer

Is the Supplier an Internet Only Operation?
This is obvious with most any purchase, especially when buying expensive wash equipment. A company with a P.O. Box has very little investment. Where will they be tomorrow, come warranty time? You want to deal with a company that has experience, parts and service personnel. Before you buy, ask yourself the question: Will this company take care of my future needs?

Does the System have a 12 Volt Burner?
Before you buy, ask how the burner is powered. Yes, perhaps you will save money on the initial purchase of a 12 volt system, but you will need the money you saved for the future repairs! 12 volt units draw their power to run the burner system from the battery. The engines diodes recharge the battery. The problem is that the diodes do not generate enough amps to keep up with the burner. As a result the fan motor slows down and the heating coils soot up from the lack of air flow. This huge engineering problem creates a mess and requires the coils to be cleaned more often. Vibration, operator controls, elevation, engine RPM all affect the engine diodes and we have not seen any other system that is reliable! Get pressure wash equipment that has their own separate generators - producing 115 volts to power the burner system! Obviously a 115 volt system with its own generator has 10 times the voltage and therefore is 10 times more reliable in operation. The 12 Volt exception is if the burner has a belt driven alternator. Just like your with your car, the alternator will push about 65 AMPs to the burner system. More than enough electricity to drive the burner mechanism efficiently.

Is the Equipment from a Franchised Dealer?
Are franchised brands the best? Not necessarily! Often the big dealers use imported parts to cut costs making the machines more likely to have breakdowns. Not a good thing when your in the field.

Most major brands are owned by foreign companies. Ask your local dealer where their equipment is manufactured? If it is made outside the United States, do you really want to buy a foreign made machine?

Get a unit with components that are non-proprietary, meaning they are not private labeled. Non-proprietary components are readily available in the market, therefore you can obtain service and parts nearly anywhere, rather than being tied to a dealer.

If it's not engineered for easy service - don't buy it! Most units are poorly engineered - they might look fancy, but what about changing oil on the motor and pump? Rebuilding a pump? Changing belts? Access to burners? etc. Every machine needs service! Beware of the poor engineering!

Does the Equipment come with a Written Warranty?
Ask your dealer for a written warranty. If they can't provide one or give you a verbal buyer beware.

Is the Equipment the Right Size for my Needs?
If you are using your Pressure Washer for heavy duty cleaning, say at a construction site, or most commercial applications, don't buy a light duty consumer pressure washer it just won't hold up. Make sure you purchase a best commercial pressure washer that will fit your needs and application.

Is the Equipment Belt Driven?
Belt drive pumps will last longer and perform better over the long haul. Direct drive pumps will eventually fail which usually require a full pump replacement. Direct drive pumps spin way faster which causes more wear and tear on the ceramic plungers etc.

Is the Soap Injection Upstream or Downstream?
A lot of equipment comes with upstream or high pressure soap. This may work fine in the short run but will cause issues with your pump ceramics much faster. The ceramic plungers degrade much faster when exposed to various types of chemicals. A high pressure system places the soap into the water before it hits your pump. Downstream introduces soap into the water after the water exits the burner. This is good because the soap will not have any adverse effect on your valuable equipment components.

Do your home work! It will pay off in the long run.

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