7 Mobile App Development features should consider for Business Enterprises

by Vikash Jangid COO @ Xtreem Solution
Success scale of an enterprise is primarily driven by the operational organization. Since long, technology has been playing a pivotal role in speeding up the operational efficiency. The thirst among enterprises to cut through the clutter and shine leads to innovative outcomes when they hire app developers to carry out the task.

Enterprise App is one such technology-driven tool that proved to be a hidden treasure. An App that raises the ROI by 17.35% and increases employee loyalty by 20.21 % is a desirable solution for all the pain points of an enterprise.

It has received its share of criticism!

Extremist have been against spending millions of dollars on an enterprise App. It is for us to understand, an enterprise App does not mean a million dollar investment, it the rich feature set from the usability perspective that makes it do the magic.
Around 82 % of American’s using Enterprise Apps to check work emails post work is a strong representative of the rising need of an enterprise app or an on demand mobile Application.

With advancement in technology and more employees having access to smartphones, let us focus on the futuristic features that make an Enterprise App add to the growth:

1) Access to documents over a Cloud Network

When you switch gears and move to an enterprise App, one of the prime advantages it must offer the team is the direct access to documents. Hire app developer who can integrate your enterprise App with a cloud server so that the massive set of business-critical documents can be stored in the cloud. Any data generated in real-time must be updated in time so that all teams work on the factual data rather than wait for the updates to occur.

Keeping all the documents at data at one place ensures every employee of your organization has access to the right set of desired information. These documents may be the form of reports, emails or chart but they have a direct impact on the productivity of an enterprise.

2) Uncompromised security standards

Security has multiple aspects when we talk about an enterprise App. When the plan to build an on demand mobile application or an enterprise application is made, all the aspects of security must be covered. Primarily, the security protocols deployed must ensure the App cannot be penetrated by hackers. As the App is integrated with the cloud, if it has any soft spots for hackers, valuable data can be stolen and misused.

Secondly, the enterprise app must always have user role-based access to the features and database so that only the designated role can access a certain set of data. Around 78% of the Enterprise Apps go unused if there are any security flaws in the designs. The data and information of the App must not be shareable across external networks to create a security wall around the data that means revenue for every enterprise. Even the employees must be trained about the security perspective of an enterprise app so that they do not share their credentials with even a peer.

3) Record keeping advantage

An enterprise App will always find multiple uses. While it is a big help to the employees who primarily stay on the ground, it must offer its users a platform where they can keep the records. This feature promises higher security of business data and makes the employees more productive. Small yet vital information like clients email id needs to be stored and used later but by offering a contact management or record keeping feature in the Enterprise App, a lot of redundancy involved in the process can be reduced.

The employee can save the details and use it directly from the App saving both time and effort. Going further the business data collected from fields and maintained is record books is a serious threat as it can be replaced and used by competitors. Using an enterprise app with these features ensures the high-end security of the data.

4) Integrated Messenger

It has been noticed that employees use third-party messenger like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and other such tools for quick information sharing across the enterprises. It may happen that the information is critical and if leaked may cause heavy losses. As the messengers are a convenient and quick way of communication when you hire an app developer, it makes sure he integrates a messenger in the App.  

It is a perfect way to monitor the information sharing that is occurring throughout the enterprise and it will limit the data leaks.

5) Business Portals

Employees with smartphones have become used to the Apps. They like to stay connected and informed about the policy changes and the performance of the organization over their smartphones only. Offering employees, a business portal in the App where they can directly check out the latest update concerning themselves and the organization, ensures the employee feel confident about the ecosystem and its transparency.

6) Real-Time updates

Certain aspects of the enterprise growth revolve around how quickly the real-time updates reach the intended team members. If your enterprise is dependent upon the on demand mobile application, it becomes very important that the team is notified about the orders or so in real-time. It not only ensures your services reach in time, but it also promises the control of losses in productivity across the team.

7) Push Notifications

A push notification may seem a necessity in marketing apps only but this is not the case. These notifications come in as an advantageous tool as the employee may miss his meetings or deadlines but with push notification, he can be notified in time about such timelines.

Working in an aggressive business model may keep the employees busy but offering this feature right in the smartphones over an enterprise App ensures the employees can work carefree while the app can act as a reminder.

To wrap
Enterprise Apps have proved to bring in seamless operations across organizations and at the same time, they make enterprise data available to employees beyond 9 to 5 work hours. It is a complete win-win situation for the employees only if it offers the right feature set in an intuitive manner.

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