7 Mistakes App Development Companies Make And How To Avoid Them

by Kenneth Evans Content Marketer
The industry of Android application development is now more competitive than it used to be and it is going to get even more competitive and expand in years to come. Of course, app developers are improving and getting better in development, but new and inexperienced app developers find this career path and industry quite challenging because of the narrow error margin and the harsh competition.

Thousands of Android application development companies release their applications in the Google Play Store on a daily basis, but the majority of those developers or development companies and apps are unnoticed due to some mistakes they make in the process of development and the marketing of the app. Those mistakes ruin the reputation and apps of the developers and deviate them away from success.

In this article, you will find some mistakes commonly made by top app development companies and app developers and how they can be avoided.

Trying to Create a Suite

Although some companies have been trying to develop applications with multiple features such as suite applications, but some new app developers can’t effectively do that because of some obvious reasons. It’s better to focus and develop an app that will effectively solve one problem rather than trying pack too many features in one single app that can’t solve a single problem, therefore rendering the app useless. Applications should be designed to solve a single problem, and developers should put every aspect of that problem into consideration before they begin the development of the app. Having too many features in an app most times get users confused and that’s something you should avoid in your Android application development.

Not Considering Your Targeted Audience

This is one of the worst frequent mistakes made by app developers. As an app developer or Android app development company, you should know and acknowledge the fact that you are developing applications for other users and you should develop applications that users want. You can’t create an app for everyone, and you can’t satisfy everyone because people have different requirements, preferences, and needs. You have to define your target users even before you determine the features your application will possess. First of all, you have to figure out what type of problems users face and the kind of solution they require. By doing this little research before you begin your development, you will be developing an app that is already on demand in the market, and this is a great benefit for the developer.

Failing to Market the App

However, the primary job of a developer or a development company is to develop apps, but unfortunately, that is where their jobs end. Releasing your android game or app to the app store isn’t enough because the game or application is not going to market itself. You need to promote and advertise your app to your targeted users. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a team of marketers, then you have to invest in adverts. You can also buy advert space on other apps so they can display your application inside theirs. However, this marketing strategy is not for everybody because of how expensive. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and others are a great way to market your application so a lot of people can see it. One great thing about the social network is you can use it for free.

Not Releasing Updates for Your App

Even though you are very confident that your application is doing what it is supposed to do, there might still be some people that won’t be satisfied with the features and performance of your application. As a developer, your job does not just end in the process of development, it also does not end with the marketing process, neither does it end with monitoring your app’s performance, but it’s also part of your duty to make improvement on your application according to the preferences of your users and resolve any issue they report. There are lots of ways to know what users are saying regarding your application and how the application works on different cases. A great tool that comes in handy in cases like this is an app known as Bugfender. It helps app developers to reproduce and understand bugs on particular devices by giving them real-time logs. This way, app developers can debug and fix issues on their apps to increase stability, functionality, and performance.

Copying the Ideas of Others

There are two major reasons why you should not copy the ideas of other applications; first, depending on the content you are copying, it might fall under the theft of intellectual property, and you can be involved legal issues due to copyright infringement. Secondly, except you can develop a better version for another person or company’s application (which is very difficult), copying the ideas of other people’s application is a complete waste of time. It’s always better you go for fresh content and genuine and original ideas, instead of stealing the ideas of other people. However, if you feel a specific application can do better, you can build an application that is similar to that app, yet a better version.

Testing Your Mobile Application

This is also one common mistake that is not often taken seriously. The job of an app developer is developing mobile applications rather than testing the applications. Of course, an app developer can also test mobile applications too, but it is very challenging to test and figure out bugs on an app that you develop. As a developer, you have made your app perfect and up to your standard, and you will hardly find any problem with it, and you cannot successfully perform any form of testing apart from functional testing. In other words, all your thoughts are just inside the box, and you need a fresh mind could be of great help to you. However, some developers can’t afford to hire professional testers, so another cost effective and great alternative they can use are applications that provide smart logging services and tools.

Not Choosing the Right Platform

Newbies to app development often make this mistake because they lack experience in the mobile application development industry. For example, some newbies developers choose iOS applications simply because they feel monetizing from applications of iOS is much easier monetizing from Android and other platforms. There are lots of factors which determine the platform to use, so app developers should consider those factors before they begin their app development. One of the most influential factor you should consider is your audience.

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