7 Flower Traditions Around the World

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7 Flower Traditions Around the World

As flowers have been cultivated for a long time now, cultural traditions and their meanings are closely entwined. Floral arrangements have different connotations all over the world, from the arid African plains to the lush Asian meadows. Join us today as we travel to seven diverse regions of the world to explore a variety of flower-related traditions!

Flower Traditions

There are a number of customs associated with giving flowers, and each country has its own understanding of each flower’s meaning under particular circumstances. Thus, proceed with caution when deciding to send a floral arrangement while travelling abroad: with an incorrect arrangement, you may easily get in an embarrassing situation.

Flower Symbolism

The most common flowers are the same in most countries, so roses, peonies and orchids are the best options to please any recipient. Orchids are known to represent beauty and allure around the world and would make a great gift in almost any part of the world. To make sure orchids reach the recipient in perfect condition, it is recommended to order their delivery (rather than transporting the flowers yourself). London, with its high quality flower delivery services like Flowwow, is the perfect place to send orchids as a gift.

In South Africa, Flowers are a Must for Christmas

This December festivity, which is normally associated with cold weather, is observed differently in South Africa's dry plains because of the intense heat. Christmas is a crucial time for flowers since they are given as presents and used as colourful decorations. Home decorations in South-African neighbourhoods often include delicate hydrangeas, which bloom at this time of year.

In Mexico, Celebrate Life with Marigolds

The sun-like marigolds, an essential element of the Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos), are a staple for the celebration of this vibrant Mexican holiday that contrasts life and death in a joyful way. Don't be shocked when you see the streets of Mexico covered in countless amounts of these flowers since, as is the custom, the vibrant colours and delicious fragrance guide the spirits to their homes.

In Brazil, Flowers are a ‘Woman Thing’

Brazil is the only country in the world where flowers are always a wonderful present. Brazil is also known for countless festivals and carnivals held there. When visiting a family's home, it is good manners to bring a bouquet of gerberas for the lady of the house to show your appreciation for her hospitality. This overpowering love is reflected in everyday customs in Brazil. Naturally, floral arrangements are frequently given to women on special occasions and holidays. The more colour, the better!

In Russia, count your roses

A bouquet of ten roses is typically considered to mean ‘Be mine’ in most countries. In Russia, however, it would suggest something very different because bouquets with an even number of flowers mean sympathy for a grieving family. Therefore, always pick an odd number of stems when purchasing a bouquet as a surprise or holiday gift.

In Asia, Avoid Pot Plants

Asia is notorious for having cultures where people do not view potted plants as appropriate gifts. Although many cultures would disagree, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and stop thinking of potted flowers as the perfect housewarming gift. Use modest bouquets of flowers in baskets or boxes as an alternative.

In China, Look for the Lucky Bamboo. 

A revered emblem of luck, wealth, and financial security, the bamboo is adored by the Chinese people. The Lucky bamboo is perhaps everyone’s favourite: it makes a standalone present or can be given in combination with charms and ribbons to increase its symbolic meaning. It is even possible to embellish the lucky bamboo with peanuts, which traditionally stand for ongoing growth and a long, healthy life.

In Japan, remember the day of the cherry blossom. 

In Japan, the sakura, or cherry blossom, is the star of springtime. The spring mood finally starts to take hold when the trees bloom with delicate rose-coloured flowers. Sending flowers to your loved ones and taking advantage of the nice weather are especially appropriate at this time of year. Consult Hanakotoba, a special flower language preferred by the Japanese, for better understanding of the significance of various sakura species.


What are the busiest holidays for flower shops?

Mother's Day, Easter, and Valentine's Day are the busiest holidays for flower retailers. We recommend purchasing flowers in advance to avoid the holiday rush.

What do flowers symbolise in different cultures?

Many cultures have adopted the idea of a ‘language of flowers’, yet the significance of various flowers varies greatly. In Japan, gravestones are decorated with florist's daisies (Chrysanthemums), which are typically associated with friendship and happiness in the West. In Korea, 20-year-olds frequently receive a bouquet of 20 roses for their birthday. Roses are inherently connected to romance in most cultures. Sending white flowers should be done with caution because, in Asian culture, they are considered unsuitable gifts for the living because they are related to the spiritual world.

Where did the tradition of giving flowers begin?

Since ancient times, people have expressed their love and admiration with flowers. The legend has it that the custom of offering flowers originated in ancient Greece. Flowers were the perfect sacrifice for goddesses in Greek culture. Eventually, flowers were given to ladies as gifts to convey the intensity of the bonding experience.

Is there a national flower day?

True, most nations celebrate flowers on a national holiday. March 21st is a national holiday in the UK, where people celebrate the beginning of spring.

What are the floral trends of 2023?

Floral trends for 2023 incorporate organic and natural components, vivid colours, and minimalism.

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