7 DIY home projects that will make you feel accomplished

by Alejandro U. Legal Marketer

1-Let your imagination fly and re-decorate your room

Burn off anxiety and get rid of nervous energy by recreating a room to fit your needs. Clutter in your home is one thing that will surely make you stressed and bored with the way things are right now. The first thing to do is to clear clutter and organize the spots in your home that's always messy -starting with your own room. Sometimes little and inexpensive tiems can make a big difference and spark joy: family portraits, a plant, or small souvenier from your trips.

2-Work on your garden and grow something new.

Working with your hands and tools at your garden can make you feel so much better - said Juan Hernandez with Progreen Gardeners. 

It doesn't matter if you have a big front or backyard or you build your garden in a small tabletop bowl, or take over an entire hillside for your colorful creation, let your imagination soar. Don't know much about plants? Do some research about your home state's native plants or visit your local nursery to get advise on what grows best in your area, and what care requirements are realistic for you. Peruse local books or visit several plant sellers to gather ideas for your arrangement.

3-Create a outdide dinning area for your family and guests

Sometimes we have extra-space in the backyard and we don't know what to do with it. I particularly like family gatherings and eating outside with our kids a lot. If you are someone who enjoy being with your family outside, a good way to utilize the extra space is to use it for family dinners or for your kids parties or events. Something as simple as setting up a table, with 4 chairs and a canopie will give you another option where to enjoy your meals, or sit and relax in the afternoon and have a cool drink. You can also utilize the space for organizing a party or family event, see these ideas for a organizing a birthday party in your backyard.

4-Create a Message Board

The idea seems simple but creating a message board can have a powerful impact in your life. The board will serve as a big calendar and help keep up with everyone's appointments, sports practices, and school events. Place the message board on the kitchen or another place in your home that's visible and where you spend time every day. This is also a great spot to have a small basket where you place mail and other correspondence that you receive at home.

5-Tackle the simple things in your long overdue to-do-list 

Nothing bugs me down more than knowing that I have things pending and not finding the time to do them. Go through your to-do-list and start with the easy things, working your way up to the more complex tasks. Let's say for example that your closet needs reorganizaing, and you have a car or a boat sitting on the garage and the carburetor needs replacement, start with your closet and other easy projects and leave that marine carburetor replacement to be the last thing you do.

6-Reorganize the Bookshelf

My bookshelf is one of the favorite parts of my home office. I enjoy looking at it as much as looking at a paint or any other decorative piece. Every now and then I have to go through my books and get rid of the ones that are outdated or I have not use for; that way a make space for new releases and the ocassional new read that catches my eye pretty much every time I visit my local Barnes and Noble.

7-Repair or replace apliances and fixtures at home

Visit every room of the house and make a list of small tasks that need to be done. Small things like replaicing light bulbs, the shower mat, floor carpet and dusting the windows don't require a lot of energy or expertise but will leave you with a feeling of acomplishment.

If you want to tune up or fix other appliances like your food disposal or cleaning your sewer, a trip to your local Home Depot store will equip you with a lot of products that have been designed for home use.

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