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Bamboo plates for kids are the ideal excuse to abandon plastic in favor of more environmentally friendly options. Bamboo kids’ plates for children are also gaining popularity.

People are perplexed about the question that is frequently asked if bamboo is safer than plastic? There are symptoms like hormone imbalance, reduced attention span, and hyperactivity.

Keeping in mind the risks from plastics, bamboo toddler plates are considered a safer and more environmentally friendly option. This will also let you improve your health while also reducing pollution. They don't need the same chemicals that go into making plastic. Instead of petroleum, producers shape bamboo dinnerware with plant-based ingredients.

Below mentioned are various types of Bamboo kids plates that are considered a safe option-

Bamboo Fire Engine Plate-

The bubba boo bamboo fire engine comes to the rescue at mealtimes, with 5 compartments that fuel the imagination. These plates make food an interactive and enjoyable experience, and make spillages a thing of the past with the bamboo suction plate base and lipped design. It is perfect for little firefighters in the making. With these bamboo children's plates, baby weaning is made simple and dinner time stress-free.

Bamboo Noah’s Ark Plate-

The ark bamboo plate is the ideal method to mix weaning with storey time, capturing children's imaginations while encouraging them to try new foods and textures. You may arrange veggies and snacks two by two in the three sections, while the bamboo suction plate base and lipped edge prevent spills.

Bamboo Butterfly Suction Plate-

The bamboo suction plate has a strong suction base, so the butterfly stays on and you don't have to spend as much time cleaning up after your kids. To avoid spills, the exceptionally powerful suction base grabs a highchair tray. The suction bottom can be removed when your child grows out of the "plate launching phase" to allow for more independence and regular use.

Pippa Penguin Plate and Spoon Set-

Our Pippa plate has a strong suction base, which means you'll spend less time cleaning up. The extra-strong suction base sticks to a highchair tray or table like glue, preventing spills.

Bamboo Panda Plate and Spoon set-

Made of natural bamboo and food-grade silicone, this bamboo baby plate and spoon set protect children from BPA, phthalates, and other contaminants.

Your cubs will playfully interact with our Panda and immediately link it with mealtimes. The edges give your cubs greater leverage for their small paws, making baby-led weaning a breeze.

It is ensured that the Panda is 100% chemical-free and manufactures eco-friendly bamboo plates for kids. It protects your baby like a panda protects its cubs. These bamboo weaning plates are manufactured from 100% natural materials, antimicrobial & anti-bacterial. They are Free from all BPA, phthalates and other “nasties” you’re sure you don’t want your little cubs to have! These bamboo children's plates are Food safe certified and ethically made.

This bamboo weaning plate set will grow with your baby as he or she matures from an infant to a toddler. You can choose your favorite color from Panda's six vibrant hues and watch them interact at mealtimes.

Bamboo Shark Plate and Spoon Set-

If you want to feed your baby shark a full meal, this all-natural Bamboo Baby Plate with a food-grade silicone spoon will make you feel like the King of the Ocean. When your children, like the shark, are hungry and motivated, they will love sampling a range of different tastes and textures.

Our shark mirrors the resourcefulness of one of the most resourceful animals on the planet, with a powerful suction base that ensures you spend less time cleaning up after your baby sharks. Your kitchen will no longer resemble a slimy ocean floor! To avoid spills, the exceptionally powerful suction base grabs a highchair tray/table like glue.

They are free of chemicals. Sharks ferociously defend their feeding grounds; therefore you can rest confident that our sharks will look after your baby sharks. The bamboo children's plates protect your child in the same way that a shark guards the sea. They are antimicrobial and antibacterial, made entirely of natural elements.

It's ideal for weaning your baby. Shark is the ideal companion for the transition from infant to toddler. Your baby sharks will playfully engage with our shark and will immediately associate it with mealtimes. The vibrant, colourful design will help to keep your baby's interest during the weaning process and reduce unrest.


In a nutshell, bamboo has several benefits-

Bamboo is more durable, thus it is biodegradable.

No harmful chemicals are used in manufacturing bamboo products.

One of the best things about using bamboo dinnerware is that you may discard it. Once your party or restaurant customers have had all of the delicious food you've prepared for them. Of course, some individuals want to save their bamboo tableware rather than throw it away, which is fine because some bamboo tableware can be gently washed and reused multiple times.

For more details on the benefits of bamboo and its products, get in touch with a certified professional.

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