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HDMI is an abbreviation for "High Definition Multimedia Interface." HDMI, like HD-SDI, transmits signals in an uncompressed format, resulting in significantly better video quality than with an analog device. It sells HDMI devices in an installation package that comprises the Transmitter, Receiver, and 100 meters of single-mode optic Fiber.

HDMI Extender & Receiver for HD Video Solution

The most common installation for our HDMI video transmitter and receiver.  HDMI to fiber converter aids in the distribution of video signals at 1080p without interruption.

What exactly is an HDMI Converter?

HDMI converters are devices that convert signals from one format to HDMI and vice versa. HDMI converters are used to link a non-HDMI source to an HDMI display. The HDMI converter functions as an intermediary transmission device, allowing two networking devices to interact despite data format incompatibility.

Within an HDMI transmitter and receiver, HDMI converters can function as HDMI to DVI, HDMI to VGA, and HDMI to fiber converters, and many more sorts of signal converters.

HDMI audio/video streams have transmission restrictions in general. However, Ethernet/Fiber optics is regarded as a viable transmission medium for long-distance video signal transmission. As a result, HDMI converters are used to convert HDMI signals to Ethernet-compatible data formats.

Why Choose Fiber Optics over other forms to distribute HDMI Signals?

We want to employ HDMI optic fiber to achieve high bandwidth, high speed, and high data rate applications in both our professional and personal life. Unlike copper wire-based transmission, which solely depends on electrical impulses traveling through the cable, fiber optic transmission incorporates light signals.

When data is entered in electrical signals into a fiber optic communication network that uses extenders, the local transmitter unit converts them into a light signal using a light source such as a laser. The light beam travels from the source to the destination through a fiber optic cable, where the data is transformed back to electrical signals by a remote receiver device.

The following are the primary advantages of utilizing fiber optics over copper wire transmission:-

  • Greater Bandwidth 
  • Faster Speed across Longer Distances
  • Greater Resistance 
  • Greater Security

HDMI over fiber extension

  1. It enables you to send your HDMI signal over incredibly long distances that regular HDMI connections cannot handle. Even across extended distances, these extenders protect your HDMI signal from being attenuated, providing you with crisp, clear visuals precisely as a short HDMI connection would. The kit includes one HDMI to fiber transmitter and one Fiber to HDMI receiver, both of which have power supplies to assure signal quality during the run.
  2. Connect your source HDMI cable in the TX, install your modules, run your Fiber Optic cable the distance you want, plug into your RX, and then connect your HDMI to the RX and your display.
  3. Then, turn on all of your linked devices, including the TX and RX, and you should see an image straight immediately. It has a bandwidth of more than 10.2 GBPS and a resolution of up to Ultra HD 4kx2k@60hz.
  4. The 3D HDMI Fiber Extender allows users to utilize a single duplex fiber optic cable to extend a video signal up to 300m to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) distant from a video source.
  5. The quality of optic Fiber is that it can carry signals over greater distances without signal interruptions, making it more straightforward for customers who are accustomed to using high-speed internet. This makes optical Fiber more dependable in today's environment.

Why are HDMI over Fiber converters such a good option?

Our HDMI over fiber converters are suited for various commercial video transmission applications due to the following capabilities.

  • HDMI to fiber converters can handle a variety of video resolutions. Our HDMI converters provide a maximum video resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • HDMI to fiber converters enable point-to-point transmission over Ethernet cables between an HDMI transmitter and an HDMI receiver by establishing a fast HDMI-Ethernet channel.
  • It provides a non-compressed video signal broadcast between an HDMI video transmitter and an HDMI video receiver with a 2K digital bandwidth of 25-255MHz.
  • HDMI transmitters and receivers are designed for signal storage and delivery without compromising video quality, making our products extremely dependable.


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