6 Workplace Safety Mistakes You Must Know To Be Safe

by Crisanto Andrada Consultant

Compared to what people had to endure generations ago, workplaces are quite safe today. This is mainly because of the increased focus that employers need to put on workplace safety. Protective equipment suppliers of the Philippines are also trying to manufacture more advanced PPE kits to protect the employees from danger. Despite all these attempts, many workplaces are still quite hazardous. Here, are 6 workplace safety mistakes, which many industries still make.


Using ladders improperly 

This is a very common and most dangerous mistake in the workplace. Some examples of ladder-related mistakes are –


Leaning from ladders - When working on a ladder you should not bend to your left or right. This can throw the center of balance. Adjust your ladder to the required position and then start your work again.

Unsteady ladders – Set your ladder properly, otherwise, it could easily slide out while you are working on it. It can cause serious injuries. 

Using other objects instead of a ladder – Do not use scaffolding, chairs, stools, etc. instead of using a ladder to reach high areas because these objects are not meant for climbing.


Lack of visual communication 

There are several types of protective equipment for ear protection that are sold by PPE equipment manufacturers in the Philippines. The noise in many workplaces can be very loud and it might make communication very difficult. Now communication is very important when it comes to safety. Thus, in any loud workplace, it is very important to have visual communication options.


Organizing the facility 

 It is one of the simplest yet most effective things that you can do to reduce the chances of accidents. To keep the facility safe you need to keep it clean and organized. This is a very common mistake done by many organizations. Sadly, many organizations think that it is a wastage of time to clean and organize the facility. However, a clean and organized workplace can reduce the chances of accidents to a huge extent. 


Overcomplicating safety instructions 

 It should be kept in mind that safety instructions should be easily understandable. Everyone in the organization needs to follow safety instructions. Thus, making it too much complicated will only result in people breaking the rules. All safety instructions should be short and to the point. These instructions should be in line with common sense so that people do not face difficulty understanding them. 



Failing to use proper industrial PPE kit 

The widespread use of industrial PPE kits supplied by well-known suppliers in the Philippines is one of the most important reasons why companies have improved safety over years. Unfortunately, many employees do not properly use PPEs. This increases the chances of dangers from which they are supposed to be protected. If one employee is not wearing proper PPE it can increase the chances of dangers for people around him as well. 


Using the wrong tool 

Different types of work need different types of tools. Using the right tool for a particular job will not only allow you to do the job efficiently but will also allow you to reduce the chances of accidents. When employees try to take a shortcut by using whatever tool they have available with them, they are increasing the risk of dangers. 


So, these were a few workplace safety mistakes that most industries make nowadays. Take time to look at how your facility is running and take the necessary steps to correct any mistake. This will be beneficial for your company and the other employees as well. Ensure to buy workplace safety kits from a renowned PPE equipment manufacturer in the Philippines.

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