6 Ways to Ease the Stress of a Big Family Move

by Rayanne M. Writer

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Some reasons will force you to move from one place to another, such as a new job. If you have to move and have a big family, it is a hassle and stressful task. You have to make it exciting to help reduce moving stress. This is because moving is among the top stressors to experience in life, similar to divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, and a major illness. So, to have an enjoyable and stress-free move with your family, there are things you have to make for the transition to give you a positive experience. Let’s get started:

Do Your Research

The reason why your family will feel stressed, it’s because of the changes they will experience in their life. Before you move, conduct proper research: the best roads to use on your travel, conditions of the new location, nearest restaurants, grocery stores, and other things you expect to experience in a new home.

Arm yourself with such knowledge and share it with family members. It will help reduce moving stress because all things will be planned appropriately. Besides, in the new place, you will easily conjure up positive things.

Hire Professional Movers

While creating a moving budget, consider a professional mover. This is one of the significant ways to ease stress for your big family. Professional movers will handle major tasks. Some of the tasks include lifting the heavy appliances and objects, packing and wrapping your things properly, and transporting them safely. Additionally, some of the fragile items, such as art and lamps, will be delivered safely.

Therefore, you will have less work to do. If you have cars in your compound and want them moved, hiring a car shipping company will ease the stress. But any company you choose to hire should have a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.


Another unique way to help reduce moving stress is outsourcing and delegating. Packing your things is a hard task –especially when not hiring a moving company. Therefore, search for people who will help your family pack up all things and be ready to move. You can use online resources to locate such helpers.

After they are done, before they leave, you can ask them to assemble furniture. This is an excellent way to help reduce packing stress on your family. Besides, many hands will make work lighter. With a big family, there are many things to pack: you need as many hands as possible.

Start Small

Tackle little things first. The saying: to move a mountain, you have to start carrying small stones. If you start with small, you can see progress and make moving less stressful for you and your family.

Give Family Enough Time

Time is a significant factor that enhances moving stress. This happens mostly when you don’t have enough of it. It is not possible to have a stress free move, but you need to make it easier. To achieve a more effortless and reduced stress move, allocate more time to your family members.

Packing requires you about two days to finish a bedroom or studio. So, knowing the number of rooms to pack will help you estimate the number of days you need to pack fully. In the new home you’re moving to, remember to create time to clean and inspect any changes needed to be made. Also, you need to clean the house or apartment you’re leaving. If you don’t create enough time, the more frantic your family will inevitably feel.

Stay Organized

Proper organization is the key to make your moving stress free. This will apply to all your tasks of the move. You, therefore, have to ensure proper sorting and labeling of boxes such that it will be easier to unpack. Besides, all crucial documents have to be put together for easy to locate, such as new lease, contract with movers, and more.

Packing will require a strategic plan. The best way is to move from one to the other. For example, pack and complete the living room before you proceed to the bedrooms. This would be a significant step that will ease moving stress.

The Bottom Line

Whether you like to move or not, circumstances will force you to do it. Take some of the above tips into consideration while going through the transition. You will make the moving less stressful to your big family and have a more comfortable life.

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