6 Noteworthy Online Business Trends That Are Long Gone

by Dave A. OZ Professional Writer

As you know SEO trends change frequently and you never know when a trend today will become a no-no for tomorrow. If you have hired an SEO Company In Dubai, you must know some of the old online trends that are not anymore used.

Fasten Up To Get a Deep Dive Into History!

  • Music Playing Websites

As elevator music is intolerable, so is the music websites. Companies use to welcome visitors to their music websites for downloading outdated music and sounds. Now they are gone like they were never here.

  • Lengthy Sales Letter

There are dozens of reasons behind the vanishing of long sales letters. One of the biggest reasons is print is out of date, replaced with the digital world, and nobody has that patience to read such huge letters. Consumers are busy in their lives and they don’t want to read the lengthy sales letters.

  • Keyword Stuffing

SEO specialists and programmers were zoned to using as many keywords as possible in the old times. Nowadays, you can’t exceed the limit of 3%. Using too many keywords in a piece of content makes it hard to read and lowers content quality as well. Google used the Panda Algorithm to stop the keyword stuffing practice and limit its usage. However, keywords are still the focal point of online content, but it has to be in limit.

  • Buying Links

The link building process has changed now; however, link building campaigns are still valuable. Buying links was quite common in the old days but now it’s a big ‘NO.’ Buying links is violating SEO ethics. Before buying links was an offence, people could include as many links as they want and of anything to their website. Google – when noticed this – banned this spamming with the Penguin algorithm. Since then, it’s important to include the link in the valid numbers and get the authority of the linked website to do it.

Consider linking to quality websites to gain credibility and trust if Google and all the web users. Instead of buying the links, ask your SEO company in Dubai to write some guest posts where you can link your website link at the bottom of the post.

  • Stock Photos

But we still use stock photos? Not the kind of that we used to use in the old times. Today’s photo stock is better than the old one that was used by many companies on the websites and printed collateral. These staged and grainy photo stocks lower a brand’s credibility and hence are not used much.

  • Artsy Fonts

People used fonts like papyrus and comic sans to display a unique personality and style of their brand. These fonts are not just distracting but hard to read as well. Nowadays, people are using more readable fonts like Calibri or Times New Roman to avoid fewer insights and traffic on their websites. So use them for better user experience!

Now that you have known these outdated trends, ensure your professionals of SEO Dubai don’t do it.

Source: Old Online Trends Those Were Once Trendy & Effective To Consider

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