6 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Choosing Co-working Office Space in Noida

by Richa Malhotra Real State
Across the globe, many entrepreneurs, business owners, young professionals and freelancers are finding coworking office spaces to be more cost-effective than renting their own private place. Keeping aside the cost factor, the basic factors that encourage them towards coworking spaces is that they don’t have to bring in their furniture and office supplies and there is no need to worry about maintenance, utilities and bills.

However, not all co-working office spaces in Noida are the same – it becomes an umbrella term for a wide range of commercial office spaces and specialty spaces. In this blog, we are listing down the common mistakes business owners make when choosing co-working office space in Noida and what they can do to avoid these mistakes –

1) Not comprehending what they are signing up for – Signing up for a coworking space means, you will be joining a community, which means there will be noise. Since coworking is a social environ, there will be community interactions, networking events, social events, etc., which might be a distraction for you. All these events promote work-life balance but for the person who is not interested and is not participating, these are a waste of time and can be irritating as well. Hence, it is important to enquire how frequently these events are being organized. If you are habitual of working in peace, ask if they can dedicate a quiet space for you. But you need to enquire about all these things in advance.

2) Failing to determine the type and need of their business-There are coworking spaces that are designed for specific types of businesses. For that to achieve, the developers inculcate different culture and vibe, which is business specific. Hence, it is important to find a coworking space that has vibe and culture, which is right fit for your business.

3) Not selecting office space at a good location – Location plays an important role in the growth of business. If you want your business to be ‘seen’, it has to be at a location that is approachable and attractive. Idea is to choose a coworking space that is at a best location and has easy access for all- you, employees and clients.

4) Failing to ask about amenities and facilities – The biggest and most obvious benefit of coworking spaces is that it gives you perks of working in a large organization in terms of facilities and amenities. Hence, it becomes imperative to know which facilities are being offered and what are their terms of use.

5) Not asking about the security and access– Another benefit of working in a coworking space is easy access to your workspace and to other facilities. But the question is – who else has access rights to these? Since, you will be leaving all your office equipment, files and important data back there, how are you sure that you will find your stuff there next day? Despite the fact that theft is uncommon at such workspaces, it is imperative to get first-hand information on security and safety checks.

6) Not knowing about the hidden costs and additional charges
– Ideally, all the costing terms must be mentioned in the agreements, which includes additional charges that users might incur, incase they use additional spaces, rooms, extra internet bandwidth or office use at odd hours.

These were a few points that you should keep in mind before investing in coworking spaces, since it is very important to have a right working environment for your business to grow and prosper. You can spur your business in the right direction if you are in the company of people who can inspire you, guide you and you can share your ideas with. If you are looking for such an environment for your business, check out Anthurium, sector 73, Noida.

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