6 Mental Health Conditions in Children That Can Perturb Parents

by Ruhi Jaiswal Enthusiastic Content Writer

Unfortunately, as far as mental illnesses in children are concerned most of the parents are unaware of their signs and symptoms. Even as a parent, if you catch sight of the red flags it becomes hard to differentiate signs of an underlying mental problem from normal childlike behavior. At times, you might try to win round saying that every child is prone to exhibiting a few of these signs at some stage in its childhood. A pediatrician in Panchkula worries about matters becoming worse in the long run as children often don’t have the ability to express and give details of their concerns.

  • Akin to adults, children too can contract all of the identical mental health conditions.
  • However, occasionally, they’re expressed in different ways.
  • For instance, a depressed child will frequently put more irritability on display than a depressed adult who is typically more prone to exhibit spells of sadness.
  • A noted child specialist in Panchkula states that children may be forced to contend with several mental health conditions some of which are described below.

1. Anxiety disorders

  • In children, they can be classified into:
    • Generalized anxiety disorder
    • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Social phobia
  • It may be noted that generalized anxiety disorder is persistent in nature and heavily interferes with day-to-day activities.If truth be told, a child may experience trivial levels of worry as part of the normal growing process, often moving from one stage of development to another.
  • But, when the extent of worry or stress attains alarming levels and stifles a child to perform functions normally, a child specialist from the best hospital in Panchkula says that it’s an anxiety disorder that stands in need of immediate attention.

2. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • This condition is portrayed by symptoms of having difficulty to focus, impulsive behavior, or hyperactivity.
  • It may be noted that while a few children suffering from ADHD may reveal symptoms in each of these categories simultaneously, others might exhibit symptoms of only one.

3. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • According to the best pediatrician in Panchkula, it’s a grave developmental disorder that takes shape in early childhood, ideally before a child attains the age of 3.
  • Even though the symptoms and magnitude of severity vary, ASD greatly impinges on a child’s capability to interact and communicate with others.

4. Eating disorders
  • These include idiosyncratic mental health conditions such as:
    • Anorexia nervosa
    • Bulimia nervosa
    • Binge-eating disorder
  • These are dreaded as extremely serious conditions which can even lead to mortality.
  • The conditions are characterized by a child’s unusual and excessive preoccupation with food and weight with very little focus on anything else.

5. Mood disorders
  • Two distinct conditions namely depressive disorder and bipolar disorder can precipitate continual feelings of sadness or severe mood swings in a child 
  • The mood shifts so engendered, as per the best child specialist in Panchkula are more extreme than those encountered by normal people. 

6. Schizophrenia
  • It’s a lingering mental illness that instigates a child to lose ground with reality, anoccurrence is known as psychosis.
  • Time and again, schizophrenia surfaces in the late teens or through the 20s.

At Paras Bliss, the best mother and child hospital Panchkula, your child's doctor will team up with your child to ascertain the presence of a mental health condition. A possible look at any history of trauma or other medical conditions can’t be disregarded. Diagnosis of mental illness among children can be a daunting task as they’re unable to properly express their feelings. Besides, normal growth and development show a variation from child to child. In spite of all these challenges, a thorough diagnosis is an indispensable part to guide treatment. 

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