6 Important Desk Selection Considerations Before Purchasing

by Rajiv Pratap Singh Digital Marketing Expert
Research shows that an average person spends around 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, whereas they only spend 328 days socializing in their lifetime, if that news is not startling enough, then take a moment right now to let these numbers sink in! 

Considering all the amount of time one is spending at their work, it’s only right and wise to make the absolute right selection when it comes to office desk space at workplaces. Among other factors to consider, these are the few that stand out in terms of appropriate facets to consider.

  1. Budget - Office desks in Melbourne come at a wide variety of price points. This pricing depends upon the brand value, the make, the quality and the working hours put into building those types of furniture. The most natural instinct when it comes to bootstrapping a company is, going for the cheapest possible desk from the lot. Avoid doing that precisely, set a budget, keeping in mind that the level of comfort that you offer those working at your office space will only enhance or decrease their consistency and performance.

    Pro-Tip: Never make the mistake of going for the cheapest office desks. Compromising on quality can hinder the performance levels of employees and teammates. That will not just cause more health-related issues and uncomfortably but also increase the number of leaves pertaining to pain caused by cheap material furniture. This becomes a headache for office management.

  2.  Space & Configurations - Another key factor that can have a heavy deciding power on the type of office desk one chooses for their office space, the amount of space the entire office space has, and also what kind of desk configuration one prefers. Space always has the ultimate deciding power. Say, for example, you are looking for a bi computer desk to prop up multiple computer screens, you are going to have to look out for a space that can accommodate this infrastructure. Space is key, then follows the configurations for the desk. As space gets demarcated, one can easily look for the right configuration of office desks for that space. Look out for your office staff, the ideal desk height and ergonomic desk chairs for their comfort as well. This can make a world of difference.

  3. Style of Working - What is the style of your working? Does your desk space need to make room for a bigger computer and fewer papers, or does it require a small space for a laptop and much more room for plenty of paper space? This can be a deciding factor. Your style of working can be a demanding factor that assesses the right kind of office desks in Melbourne. So choose according to those needs.

  4. Drawer Storage - The kind of departments your office has can distinguish the different kinds of desks that you need to get for the office space. Some departments, like the accounts department, need more storage space in comparison to other departments like the software development department. So, considering those specific departmental needs of your office can account for the wise decision-making process that is required in terms of choosing the right office desk space.

  5. Technological Needs - Another facet to consider in the modern era is the use of technology. Much of the world and workforce today is driven by technological advancements. If the workspace that you are looking to purchase office furniture for, caters to entrepreneurs who work by showcasing their lives, creating content, the need is to make room for technological devices such as - ring lights, softboxes and camera stands and cameras. In case, space is for those working on offshore projects online, require internet services, software, backup servers, keyboard trays to fit keyboards in, then such a workspace is required to make room for all these technological devices.

  6. Alternative Options - If you’ve come set trying to steer away from the traditional desk options and are leaning to a more contemporary but practical option for desk choices, it can help decide what kind of office furniture sits well with the vibe of the company. For example, if you cater to and believe in the fitness first ideology, and are looking to implement that style - going for a standing desk can help in creating the right vibe for such office spaces.

Having these pointers as a guideline to choosing the right kind of office desk for office spaces is key to making those working away at the desks feel slightly appreciated for the hours they put in. Appreciate the time they spend away from their families trying to make company’ dreams come true. Appreciate your employees by setting a precedence for other companies by providing the best quality office furniture that keeps in mind their performance, comfort and hard work. 

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