6 Features To Not Avoid While Buying a Gynaecology Examination Table

by PMT Healthcare Largest Manufacturer of Hospital Furniture
In a hospital, you want to create a comfortable, friendly, and fully functional environment for your patients, right? While setting up an outpatient clinic with basic furniture is relatively simple, choosing an examination table for a specialty clinic or a hospital could be challenging.

You may wonder what features to look for, what should be the budget constraint, does the table come with a guarantee? These questions could either help you buy the best table or leave you utterly confused, leading to inaction. Let’s not forget we want to provide the patient with utmost care and comfort. For any medical domain, choosing an examination table is not easy. Here, we will consider choosing an examination table for gynaecology practice.

So, in this article, we will look at six features a gynaecology examination table must have that will provide the patients with the comfort they need:

The Table should have Quality Padding

As mentioned earlier, a patient’s comfort is a practice’s utmost priority. So when a patient lies down or sits on the table, the padding quality should be good to help the patient feel at ease. This is especially required when the patient is supposed to lie down for a long period of time. Patients may feel aches and discomfort in certain body parts if the table does not have quality padding.

After all, you don’t want your patient to leave with a bad experience, right? So consider the quality of padding while buying a table.

The Table should have Ample Storage Space

Certain gynaecology procedures may need several tools that should be readily accessible to the doctors. Depending on the size and type of table, the size of storage units will also differ. Some tables may have pull drawers built inside, while some may have cabinets to store the tools. You should purchase a table with a storage space wherein you can easily store your tools and use them as and when needed.

The Table should be Adjustable

Let’s not forget that you may have patients with different mobility levels. For example, some may have a broken leg, while some may only be able to move using a wheelchair. So, it is crucial that your examination tables can accommodate patients with different mobility levels.

The primary benefit of adjustable tables is that they can work for patients with and without mobility issues. If you have a table that can adjust a patient in multiple positions, it will cater to patients with physical disabilities. So, if you have the budget, consider going for an accessible medical examination table.

Check the Weight Capacity of the Table

Each table comes with a different weight capacity. You need to choose the one that suffices for your practice. Since you practice Gynaecology, you could have more pregnant women, while for a pediatric domain, you may need tables with less weight capacity. You should consider these things and choose a table that can hold up to a certain amount of weight.

Check the Warranty of Table

A warranty means that the manufacturer takes responsibility for any defects caused to the product within a specified duration.

It covers any damage or failure during the specified period. Choose a hospital bedside table manufacturer in India that offers a warranty period (for at least a year) so that such damages could get fixed by the manufacturer itself. If you go for a manufacturer that offers no warranty, you will have to pay in case of any damage under normal use.

Check if the Table is Simple to Clean

Keeping your practice clean is not only important but necessary to keep your patients free from infections. It is also crucial for the doctor since lingering germs can lead to infection in the patient or the doctor. So, choose a table that is easy to clean, and you can sanitize it multiple times a day.

A table that is easy to clean will have smooth surfaces so that you can use standard sanitization sprays without damaging your table.


Consider these points while purchasing an examination table for your practice. While no one-size-fits-all rule is applicable here, these are some of the most basic features the table must have to make your patients feel comfortable. So, consider these points and go for the one that fulfils your requirements.

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