6 Career Opportunities after a Visual Effects Course

by Shantanu C. Mages Institute - Game Designing, Graphic Designin
VFX industry has been accelerating tremendously and has now initiated a new era of success for the Media and Entertainment industry. This is a very interesting and creative industry, and the success of VFX in today’s generation promises a good career as well. To make a career in VFX, make sure you choose a very well versed visual effects course and get training from the best animation schools. MAGES Studio is one such institute that aims at maximizing the learning experience of the personnel. Here are the 7 different key positions that can be pursued to become a VFX professional;

1. Layout Artist

A Layout artist is usually part of the pre-production and previsualization process. As the name says, a layout artist lays the foundations for how the visuals will look at the final stage. Typically, a layout artist is tasked with transcribing the script and storyboard and creating templates for how to transfer the script or storyboard into visualization. It involves everything from creating a scene to set up camera angles and more falls under this remit.
2. Compositing Artist

Fine visual effects merge seamlessly with the background without distracting the viewing experience. If there’s one glitch it can ruin the whole experience for the viewer. A compositing artist makes sure that this seamlessness between VFX and live-action is in place, and any visual disturbances are undone. MAGES Institute Of Excellence is constantly pushing boundaries with the latest hardware and the highest quality of VFX Development to provide with adequate learning, which can make fine compositing artists.

3. Lighting Artist

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of any film production – be it a live-action or animated. A lighting artist is in charge of understanding the behaviour of light and its interaction with a live scene and making sure that it matches with the visual effects. Both VFX and live actions should have the same amount of light and angles so that they look aligned. A lighting artist has to be able to deliver the perfect amount of illumination to make a scene lively.

4. Rendering Artist

When it comes to VFX career opportunities in India, rendering artists have a huge demand across major VFX studios and production houses. Just like lighting artists, rendering artists are responsible for turning the 3D models into the real visuals we see on the screen. Basically, turning a vision into reality. A delicate and highly technical job, rendering artists always make sure that the project is transformed from an idea to a visual.

5. Roto Artist

A roto artist has one of the difficult jobs of tracing over live-action movement on film, to create realistic and fluent visuals. A rotoscoping artist makes a base for compositors with a framework from which they begin their work. A roto artist position is a job that offers great basic salary and foundation in VFX and is usually the starting point for most of the VFX professionals. Also, there is a great demand for roto artists today, which only makes this position more desired.

6. Matte Painter

We all have seen those beautiful sceneries in the background that only VFX films seem to have. A matte painter has to have a huge hand in their art and creativity background. A matte artist takes visual reference cues such as photographs, sketches and other references and turns them into realistic VFX scenes that it all looks like the shooting is performed at that site.
There are various institutes that promise to offer the best visual effects course to interested people. MAGES Institute Of Excellence is amongst the best animation schools and has had the opportunity to work on various virtual reality projects for a variety of industries giving it wide exposure. MAGES Institute Of Excellence has taken on the task of supplementing and challenging traditional learning methods in a variety of faculties, and VFX being one of these.

Making a career in VFX is today a rewarding option for all who are interested and the job opportunities in the VFX industry are booming which can be seen from the facts mentioned above. However, while this success and estimated growth of the VFX industry has a lot of aspiring VFX artists excited, oftentimes people get confused about what different roles are on offer in the VFX industry. This article has covered the various roles you can opt for after completing the visual effects course.

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