6 Biggest Trends in the Vaping Industry for 2021

by Emma L. Business consultant


From the invention of e-cigarette and the first vape liquid to 2021, vaping has come a long way. Today, there is an astonishing range of complex, natural, and subtle flavors designed to suit every consumer’s taste. 

If you are a newbie to the world of vaping, it can be difficult to manage given this amazing array of products.  And the vaping industry keeps evolving and introducing new exciting products each year.

Many vapers are passionate about e-liquid flavors and always hunting for new ones to explore. With the demand for quality vape liquids increasing, the question is what does the future hold for this growing industry.

Let’s explore the six biggest trends in the vaping industry for 2021! 

  1. Menthol e-liquids are here to stay

The popularity of menthol e-liquids isn’t new. It started with the Malaysian e-liquid industry and has affected preferences across the globe since. A small amount of menthol adds an icy effect and creates a crisp, refreshing experience that many consumers immediately fall for.

As a result, menthol blends have become increasingly popular.

And what’s even better, the menthol doesn’t cover the vapor juice’s flavor profile. Also, it allows for endless creative possibilities, so the menthol vape juice trend isn’t going anywhere! 


  1. Fruity flavors will continue to dominate the market

Fruity vape juices like watermelon and sweet apple are some of the most popular e-liquid categories. Consumers looking for refreshing and flavorful options often turn to fruit-flavored vape juices. Most companies offer a fine range of basic fruity e-juices coupled with some more complex fruit combinations.

So, whether you crave freshly picked and ripe fruits like peach or a fruit-infused desert, you won’t be disappointed by the offer! 

Adults considering switching to a puff bar alternative should opt for vape juices that contain S-Nicotine, as it can successfully mimic the nicotine punch. This type of nicotine is identical in molecular structure to tobacco-derived nicotine so it provides a superior experience. 

Therefore, vapors looking for a smooth and relaxing tobacco-free experience will enjoy it much more! 

  1. ICE liquids are growing in popularity 

Cold vape liquids, also known as ICE, continue to grow in popularity. The coldness increases the intensity of the flavors and produces a stronger, cold hit that goes hand in hand with fresh, fruity flavors. 

Together, they create a sweet and refreshing taste and a near-perfect experience. Those looking for a year-round summer feel will love the ICE liquids.

These e-juices will continue to be sought-after in 2021, especially during warmer months as they are reminiscent of icy and delicious popsicles! 


  1. Tobacco vape juice: return to the classics

Replacing the flavor of that perfect tobacco and cigarette smoke can be challenging. With realistic tobacco e-liquids available on the market, vapors looking for that distinctive tobacco taste can finally end their search. 

Tobacco vapes provide a realistic spin on the tobacco while helping transitioning smokers get rid of the lingering smoke and ashes odor.

So tobacco e-juice provides an all-around experience and that’s the main reason behind its popularity. It’s expected that smooth and luxurious tobacco tastes will make a huge comeback in the vaping community this year. 

  1. Increased demand for nicotine salt e-liquid 

E-liquids with a salt nicotine formulation became the rising star of the vaping world. They provide consumers with a quick nicotine hit, delivering the fix within 6 seconds. They are a faster way to keep any cravings at bay, so vapes that contain nicotine salt will definitely dominate the industry in 2021!

They allow consumers to vape less because they get a lot more nicotine without having to vape 24/7 or getting the rough throat hit. 

Thanks to these benefits, salt nics help people stop smoking and save money at the same time while providing better flavor and a smoother vape experience. 

  1. Shift towards smaller and more discreet devices 

One of the biggest trends we’re about to see is a shift from easily noticeable e-cigarettes towards smaller vaping devices. As the technology for manufacturing e-cigarettes is getting better, it’s expected that even smaller gadgets will emerge. 

A slim design, easy to carry in a pocket is projected to rule the manufacture of vaping devices in 2021. 

The vaping industry is still very new, so new technologies that are in development will make it more satisfying for the consumers and greener too. 

Brands that leverage these advancements and refuse to compromise on quality are the ones that will stay ahead of the competition and move their business forward.

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