6 Best Home-based Business to start today - 2020

by Ananya S. Blogger

When we think of starting a home-based business, the first thing that comes to mind is “Freedom,” freedom from working for someone else, freedom from spending hours in traffic to get to work, freedom from bosses, freedom from dress coded, and so much more. But the freedom doesn’t come alone; it requires dedicated discipline, personal drive, and time management skills.

Starting a home-based business has several advantages as well like:

  • Control over the money you make

  • Less Risk

  • Tas advantages

  • More time for friends and family

  • Increased productivity & creative outlet.

Starting a Home-based Business May Be Easier Than You Think, so why not start one? Here is a list of 6 Home-based Businesses to start today, which are my personal favorite as well, so let’s jump right into it.

Selling on eBay

It is an online platform that allows people to sell and buy new or used products. You will find a complete guide on how to sell on eBay here. 

You have to dedicate a massive amount of time if you are serious about selling on eBay as it is not for lazy people. It requires a quick response with politeness to the customers.

A seller’s success is in eBay users’ hands; after all, a negative rating can sink an eBay business before it even gets started.

Many Success stories have been around for years now, which has raised an enormous amount of competition on eBay.

If you wish to sell junk products on it, I am sorry you won’t be able to run your eBay business for an extended period, and eventually, you will shut it down.

You need to know what you want to sell and how you will market it to your audience. As the competition is high, one must research and prepare strategies, which will play a critical role; without the preparation, you won’t go any further and eventually fall.

“For more, visit eBay for an extensive guide to selling on the site.”

Car Resale

In this home-based business, you don’t need any fast-talking sales pitch to make many buying and selling cars. There is no shortage of god enough cars which people often want to sell and buy.

If you know about car servicing, you can take a massive advantage and make a ton of profit. There are two tips I would like to suggest personally; the very first tip is “Discipline,” second would be “Limit.” Limit your purchases around the popular models with a strong image in society; believe it or not, these cars are just one phone call away from being sold.

And just like Car Resale, you can also start different appliances resale, especially home appliances, which include reselling of water purifiers, Air Conditioners, Kitchen Chimney, and many more. I have created a small business around this niche, where I reviewed the best air conditions and other home and kitchen appliances.


A simple way to do photography is from home by setting up a studio in your home; however, Photography may take many forms, from photojournalism to portrait photography to general-interest stock photography.

Can you accept that everyone with a smartphone is a photographer? “No, not at all; professional photography can be an excellent business as long as you passionate about it. You can also establish a business around stock photos, must keep in mind that stock-photo sites work on a revenue-sharing model, but only selling pictures to any sites could be unusual and take a lot of time and patience. 

There is no doubt the photography business can be complicated and required a lot of equipment and years of portfolio and relationship with people to get a steady income flow. Like selling on eBay, every business needs a dedicated discipline and time management skill; after all, this home-based business is a life-changer.

If you need some tips or guidance, don’t forget to check “Photography for Beginners (The Ultimate Guide in 2020)


Freelance Writing

This is one of the cheapest businesses to start; writing has many forms - from resume to news articles to marketing materials and even invitation notes. The expertise is another matter; you can be an expert in any way of writing. Trust me, even if you are good ate grammar punctuation, companies are willing to pay for being a freelance editor, then what can I say about being an expert in writing.

Like any other profession, continuity is the key to doing the best in any field; when you get your first project, don’t stop and keep looking for the next.

You should build a relationship online and in-person, keep asking for press passes to events, and attend writing workshops and writer meetups.

There are many jobs there; some major job boards are always out there for freelance writers. You can also advertise your services on LinkedIn and craigslist once you get the offers, never afraid to ask for more work from your ex or current clients; if all fails at the first start, a blog and drive traffic and build a business around your blog.

Home Bakery

If you love to Bake congrats, you; have crossed half of your journey. It is probably the best Idea. You may already have all the equipment and expertise you need to get started, such as Mixer, Oven, Bakeware, etc. 

You can also tie-up with some of the best online as Uber eats and Swiggy, which will make your work so much easier. Consistency is more important in this business than trying new teats, so don’t afraid to create a brand around your special treats.

Personal Computer Training

Many people still don’t know how to use Microsoft office; you might take advantage of it by giving them personal training either you can set up your own computer training office or go to them.

There is no doubt that the opportunity exists. You can turn it into a profitable business; all you need is basic software knowledge and the right marketing strategy to reach out to people. No doubt the success is not far away from you if you are hungry about working on it.




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