6 Basic Methods of Deep Tissue Massage At Body Balance Massage And Float

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Our Deep Tissue Massage in American Fork is based on 6 basic methods, and they are here before you to demonstrate how to do the techniques, one after the other.  We dedicate 10 to 15 minutes for each step, while giving a full massage to our clients here at BB Massage and Float.

Rubbing : Move your palms softly on the patient's body, on either side of the spine (not directly on it), when it is strongly recommended to do so while applying massage oil on the entire body.  Make sure the movements are as long as possible and do not apply heavy pressure - this is just the first stage of the massage aimed at getting the patient into a state of relaxation. Use all the palm and fingers, descend from the shoulder area to the lower back and back up from the sides, and do so also towards the shoulders and then to the neck. Your weight should be on your hind legs and not directly on your hands. You can continue the same to all other parts of the body - arms and legs.

Deep Massage - At this point you will push and roll your palm on the patient's muscles in kneading movements.  You should apply a little more pressure now than in the previous step, but not too much, and move your hands more slowly. You can use your wrist or fingers - which is convenient for you.

Start from the lower back and from there go up kneading, and after you reach the upper back slide your hand down and start again - try to concentrate on the same area in the back the way at least 3 times before proceeding to another, and then repeat the massage with both hands on each other and apply a little more pressure.

Friction massage : At this point, your goal is to heat the tissues with friction. To do this, you should rub your palms one at a time to generate heat, and then do the same on the patient's body to warm his muscles. Keep your fingers close to each other and move your hands in opposite movements along the back, that is, with one hand rising towards the upper back, the other going down towards the lower back.

Rhythmic keystrokes : This technique is perhaps the most well-known of Swedish massage, with the percussion helping to release and relax the muscles and re-energize them. You can perform this step in many ways; With their fingers only, they extend forward, tight and rigid; Using the sides of your hands with your fingers slightly released; Or with the sides of their hands clamped and raised, the pinch and forearm extend forward and stiff.

Crossing & Pushing : At this point you will push the muscles directly with your thumbs to penetrate them even deeper. You should do this to every area of ​​your body until you feel it soften and warm up. Our Deep Tissue Massage in American Fork is famous for pushing perfectly in the right pressure point for each of our client preference.

Vibration : Now end the massage with quick vibration movements of the hands to help loosen and warm the muscles. You can focus on one area at a time or move your hands throughout the body - the main thing is that eventually your patient will feel relaxed and relaxed. And last is to choose the right music to create a calm, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, just like in the spa. If you want to indulge one of your loved ones already in therapeutic massage in American Fork as you have learned, you can play the music we have included here, which is perfect for soaking in relaxation during treatment.

This massage will increase your Blood flow - with long movements and pats on the body, the Deep Tissue Massage American Fork helps to expand the blood vessels and accelerate its flow towards the heart. Increasing the blood flow rate helps to increase the oxygen supply to the body's muscles and also helps to remove the toxins from it. Deep Tissue Massage American Fork also helped with restoration of damaged muscles – with kneading and friction movements you can treat various muscle injuries, such as contracting and contracting the fascia tissue - the tissue that wraps around the muscles.

Many of our patients at are using the Deep Tissue Massage Utah methods and indicate that those techniques help them to soothe their muscles miraculously after one treatment.

American Fork Utah is known for it’s relaxation – that comes from Deep Tissue Massage that induces on the body helps to release the muscles, but also the mind, especially when performing the massage for a long time of one to one and a half hours. Swedish massage done in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere reduces cortisol stress hormone levels in the body, which also reduces headaches, the body gets more energy and you can sleep better at night.


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