6 Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

by Manoj Bhuva Marketing Head at Kanhasoft

Companies from around the world are opting for the Software as a Service option, wherein they access a software through the internet rather than developing their own and managing it. It is the job of a Software Maintenance Provider to ensure safety and security of your software. Once the leasing period is over, you simply pay more to continue the service.

Most of the SaaS systems are hired through subscription systems and the fees vary depending on the number of applications you use. You are free from the terror of managing and running a software on your own. All you need is a strong internet connection and you are good to do.

Here are six advantages of using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model:

1. Faster innovation

The Saas software development company you hire will have a common shared infrastructure that is regularly maintained. This reduces the time required by the in-house IT department to maintain outdated code and applications. Rather than that, the IT engineers can spend time on developing newer technologies and work on innovations that’ll change the future.

2. Money Saver

It costs more than $100,000 for big names including Google, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon to manage CRM suites and critical business software. Along with that, goes a lot of time and energy that you spend in maintaining them. Because of the expenses, small companies have to resort to older technologies that put a pressure on their human resources. Visit

Since the SaaS is a subscription model, companies can use a particular software for a limited period of time and stop it when not required. You don’t need any fancy hardware for accessing the software but a good internet connection. There aren’t any installation costs either and updates are automatic, which are free for the users. During your subscription period, you are subject to unlimited use of the software.

3. International access

The Saas vendor uses same code language across the world, making it easier for collaborate with other businesses that use the same service, manage data use and privileges, and make sure that everyone has access to the software. The installation isn’t restricted to a particular computer and can be accessed using any form of hardware including mobile phones and tablets with an internet connection.

4. Easy to customize

Every business is different and so are the requirements. You can utilize the software concept consulting service offered by SaaS vendors to customize the applications they offer. The customization is kept up to date through regular upgrades and much lower adoption costs and customer risks.

You can also customize the applications to a particular person, for example, the manager would need access to all employee profile under him, while a subordinate might not.

5. Shift in focus

Once your basic software conceptualization and development responsibilities are handed over to a SaaS vendor, your company is free to focus on activities that promote your company’s core business goals. The various departments of your company will be able to contribute to the business more than ever. Employees will be happier and have a sense of accomplishments for trying new things rather than the usual maintenance work.

6. Better accessibility

Unlike company software, the SaaS can be accessed from anywhere using any kind of device with an internet connection. The SaaS industry has grown tremendously in the past five years and provides every kind of application from accounting to human resource management. Risks attached are lower and there’s greater flexibility.

May it is for an entire company or only two people, SaaS offers the same quality of services to everyone to perform a single task or a variety of tasks.

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