5 Ways to Help Your Pet Adjust to Condo Living

by Jericho Chichioco Communication Associate

Have you just made the huge decision to invest in a Davao condo

Are you worried about leaving your pet at home as they adjust to condo living? 

Not to worry!

This article will discuss the ways that you can help your pet adjust to its new surroundings. With the careful balance of a new routine combined with their old traditions, you will be able to easily train your pet to adjust to your new home. 

How can you help your pet adjust to condo living? Read on!

Introduce Training Pads

One of the most common problems that you will have in your new condo unit is catering to your dog’s need to urinate and defecate. How will they do so without a yard to run to or a tree to pee on? 

In order to prevent cleaning up accidents for your first few weeks, introduce your pet to training pads before you even move to your condo. Another sound investment that you could make is in a square of artificial grass that you put into your shower for easy cleaning. 

Besides training your pet to pee and defecate in certain areas of your condo unit, it would be ideal for you to train your pet to get used to spending most of their time indoors.

Spend Time Playing Indoors

Similar to the previous problem, once you move into the new condo you will no longer be able to easily play games in a backyard with your pet. In order to do so, you will need to bring them to a pet-friendly park. To better prepare your pet for this, you can start spending more time with them playing indoors. This type of training would be ideal to start before even moving to the new place. 

Once you move to your new condo, it is extremely important that you immediately develop a new routine to help your pet adjust. 

Immediately Develop a New Routine

It will be difficult for your pet to adjust to a new space, especially a smaller one. In order to help them out, create and immediately apply a new routine with them. 

Create a detailed timeline for your pet’s new routine in order to help them adapt faster. Plan the exact time you will feed them, give them bathroom breaks, take them outside for walks, and even playtime. Try to do all of these at the same time of the day so that your pet gets used to it. Make sure that you do this constantly for the first couple of days to weeks. 

An experiment you can add to their daily routine is leaving them alone for short periods of time to develop their independence.

Experiment Leaving Them Alone For Short Periods

In a high-rise condominium, the only people your pet will be able to see are you and your family when you are home. Your absence could leave your untrained pet anxious and scared, which could cause them to bark. To save yourself from noise complaints, train your pet to be comfortable without you by leaving them alone for short periods of time. Take a phone call inside your room, close the bathroom door when you are inside, or purchase something quickly from a shop nearby.

All of these new changes are bound to make your pet anxious and scared in the beginning. In order to comfort them, give them a space in your condo unit with items that they have grown accustomed to such as a blanket or a toy. Another way to calm your pet down is to take them outside every now and then to give them some fresh air. 

Take Them Outside Every Now and Then

Giving your pet a walk or even just taking them outside can help in two ways: it will give them a break from the limited space of your condo unit and it can give them some exercise. Try to have some time outside with your pet every day in order to relax them. 

Once you have followed these steps, you would have greatly helped your pet adjust to condo living. Be patient with them as they try to maneuver through the new environment.

Key Takeaway

In order for your pet to enjoy their new life at a Davao condo, you will need to help them get used to it slowly but surely. 

Before moving, introduce your pet to training pads to ensure that they have no accidents once you move to your new place. Play with them indoors in order for them to get used to being in an enclosed space. 

Once you get to the condo, immediately apply the new routines listed above in order to help them adjust as quickly as possible. Although, take note that you should continue to provide them with comfort by creating a familiar space with all of their favorite toys. 

Help your pet adjust to your new living conditions by following these tips and tricks.

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