5 Ways To Cook Eggs To Increase Their Health Benefits

by Kunal Joshi content writing

Eggs have been included in our diet ever since we learnt to chew our food. It is such an important food item, that often doctors prescribe it in our daily diet. The one egg a day rule has been with us since our childhood. It is not only healthy but also tasty. There are different ways to cook eggs but not all of them are healthy. Listed below are five healthiest ways to cook eggs.


1.    Soft boiled:

This is the best way to cook an egg without letting go of the essential nutrients. Soft boiled eggs are when eggs are boiled but the yolk is still runny and soft. When soft boiling, the egg whites get cooked enough for maximum retention of protein and removal of avidin. This is a quick and easy method to cook an egg and all the fat and protein is maximally preserved.

2.    Poached:

The poached egg comes next in the list of the healthiest recipes of eggs. An egg is poached by scooping the egg in a pan full of water. The protective shell layer gradually dissolves in the water while the egg whites keep the yolk protected as it cooks. Naturally, all the protein and good fat are retained in the egg and none of it is lost in process of cooking. Making poached eggs is relatively on the inconvenient side and will require a few tries before you get better at it.

3.    Sunny side up:

Sunny side up is probably the easiest method to cook an egg without losing the essential nutrients. It should, however, be cooked in low heat, as low heat results in loss of essential nutrients. In a skillet, add some oil and break an egg on top of it. Let the heat reach the egg white directly while the yolk cooks in its own slow pace. The yolk is not to be scrambled. It must be left as it is and the result should be a fairly runny yolk with all the goodness preserved. 

4.    Hard-boiled:

Hard-boiled eggs are easy to cook. They should be left to boil in a pan, only this time, it should be allowed to harden. The egg will not remain runny but will start getting tougher. Though heat will result in a loss of few nutrients, it still remains extremely healthy with all fat and protein intact inside.

5.    Scrambled eggs:

Scrambled eggs are made by mixing up the fat and protein in an egg. In a skillet, the egg is scooped on a little oil and allowed to cook by mixing it with a spoon. Though the direct heat starts the process of protein loss, the egg remains ridiculously healthy.

You can turn these healthiest ways to cook eggs, also delicious by adding a whip of Nutralite butter. Eggs are a rich source of acquiring protein with Vitamin B2 and Omega 3 acids. Eggs are often suggested to reduce heart diseases, to facilitate growth in children and in preventing rickets and osteoporosis.

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