5 Warning Signs Your Dream Home Might Be a Trap

by Reggie Moore Professional writer and proto entrepreneur

You’ve just sold your house to a cash buyer who wants possession in four weeks, so now you panic and start touring open houses. Very soon, you find a house that you like, in the right area, whose sellers want a quick closing, and all is as it should be. Or is it?

How Much Attention Did You Pay to the Home’s Details?

Usually, at open houses, other people are also viewing the home, asking the realtor questions, and moving from room to room, which can make it difficult for you to concentrate on many key details. Try to wait until there are fewer people present to allow you time to take in more features.

One of the most essential things people take note of when viewing a home is to make sure that the majority of their furniture will fit in the rooms. That is a very important part of buying a home.

Being distracted by the size of the room and mentally visualizing your furniture and personal belongings in it could prevent you from noticing things, like cracks in walls behind furniture.

Are There Clocks and Pictures Mounted on the Walls in Strange Places?

Check the condition of the walls. This could mean there might be multiple nail holes or “mollies” to repair when you move in, which is fairly normal when people moving out don’t have the courtesy to do it themselves in advance. However, take note if you think that the arrangement of wall coverings is irregular or chaotic. Chances are there might be holes in the walls (like from rodents or pests) or evidence of some kind of damage you don’t want to have to fix. If you see open or exposed holes, make sure you check for moisture – it could mean that there’s a mold problem.

Check the Integrity of the Doors and Locks

Sometimes doors don’t open and close right, and this includes closet doors as well. If a door doesn’t seal right (and this goes for kitchen cabinets as well) it can be a pain to fix on your own later. Beyond that, if doors around a load-bearing wall have bent or warped frames, it could mean that there’s something wrong with the structure itself. Some of these problems can be fixed by replacing a doorknob, but if you end up having to replace all the doors in the house, then you could be looking at thousands of dollars of expenses.

Are the Windows Secure?

Much like the doors, the windows could be a safety concern. If the windows aren’t able to close securely, they need to be fixed or they could be used as a way of getting inside the house. If the windows are old and cracked, then your insulation is compromised. This costs money both in your power bill but it also makes your environmental units work harder and longer, decreasing their lifespan. Most buyers fail to look at the state of the blinds. In many cases, they seem to do their job of providing privacy, but some could be broken or not open and close with proficiency, which can be frustrating and adds one more thing to the bill.

Check the Flooring

Take note of the condition of the carpeting and whether the color is to your liking. Not many of us would not buy a house because of the state or color of carpeting, but it makes sense to be aware of whether you want to go to the expense of replacing it. Also, check floor tiles or laminate for scratches, scrapes or chips. Sometimes carpet can also be covering up rotted wood flooring. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a nice hardwood floor. Other times you might find some… odd renovation choices from previous owners. One home I walked through had a carpeted kitchen covering fine, expensive wood flooring.

These are all things a buyer should be aware of when viewing a potential home, but there are many more vital details that need to be examined.

Get a Home Inspection

Let’s face it, when you view a house, you don’t go around turning on faucets or flushing toilets. One of the main reasons to employ a good home inspector is that he will test all aspects of the plumbing as part of the inspection. A home inspector will switch on the stove, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine, and report any malfunctions.

A detailed, home inspection will highlight any history of flood damage, problems with electrical wiring, or if cracks are visible on the exterior of the property.

One of the most expensive repairs to a house is replacing the roof. A home inspection will give you peace of mind as to whether the house has old water stains, which have been painted over, or whether the roof has been repaired, and will soon need replacing.

The age and exterior condition of the property will allow you to judge if some of the interior home’s features might not be fully functional, but an inspection by a local, good, home inspection company will determine if you want to purchase it.

Buying a home is one of the most stressful and expensive things you will do during your lifetime, so make sure you do it right. For more property purchasing tips, contact an experienced agent like the professionals at to make sure you don’t buy a dream home that turns into a nightmare.

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