5 Unique Ways to Throw a Fun Holiday Company Party

by Rayanne M. Writer

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Preparing a holiday party stands out as a great company activity since you can bring the employees together and increase unity. However, making the party fun can pose some difficulties, so you may want some advice to assist you. If you apply these five unique holiday party ideas, you can make your company party more interesting for your employees.

Get a Photo Booth

When you organize a company party, you may want a way for people to remember the night, so creating a photo booth might be a good option. Photo booths allow people to go in, take pictures and have some fun. You can even offer some props for people to use, so they can take some funny pictures along with any others they may want to create. Your business could consider hiring a photo booth. If you have to ask yourself, “what is a 360 photo booth?” It's a photo location with a curtain all the way around you. This type of photo booth works well since people can't appear in the back of photos.

Plan a Gift Exchange

Many people love to go to parties and leave with gifts, so you should think about incorporating a gift exchange. Gift exchanges involve bringing gifts to the party, wrapping them and giving them to the other guests. Depending on how you want to do it, you can organize a raffle or have people choose their gifts in different ways. For example, you could prepare a poem or song and have people pass the gifts around the circle. You can also have people pick their gifts, open them and trade them if they choose to do so. You can come up with all kinds of unique ideas to make the gift exchange interesting.

Pick Some Fun Songs

While you hold the event, you should create some ambiance by picking out fun songs for people to enjoy. You should figure out a good mix of songs and genres to make things enjoyable for everyone since their music tastes will vary. For example, you can play upbeat pop songs during activities and slower songs while people eat some food. You can even throw in some holiday songs into the mix if you think your employees will enjoy that. After all, some people love holiday songs while others dislike them, so make sure you read the room. That way, if you notice people don't like a song, you can avoid similar ones.

Organize Activities

You can even focus on organizing some fun activities for your employees to enjoy during the party. As explained in the link, you can organize a scavenger hunt, create escape rooms and even establish a murder mystery party. Since you have tons of options and variety available to you for parties, you can pick whichever ones you think the guests will enjoy the most. If you plan to do a scavenger hunt, you should place items around the office and area ahead of time. For escape rooms, you can either make mini ones or go to some escape rooms. Murder mysteries should involve hints around the office and letting guests figure things out.

Bring in a Performer

Some people don't want to do that much during parties, but they may enjoy watching performances and other forms of entertainment. Depending on your budget, you could hire different types of performers to let people have fun. For example, some people may get fire dancers to perform outside while others may find a good magician in the area. You can even go with something as simple as a live band since some people love music. If you don't know what option to go with, you should do some research in your area to see what's available. From there, you can pick your favorite options and let your employees enjoy the show.


When your company throws a fun holiday party for everyone to enjoy, you can increase company morale and help your business. Make sure to identify some unique ideas you can utilize at your holiday company party, so you can make it a memorable experience for everyone. Focus on having fun, letting people eat food and enjoying the established company culture.

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