5 Tips to Make Better Use of Your Elliptical Bicycle

by Jodie J. Holt Markater

I have already told you about the benefits of elliptical bicycles to lose weight, but the better we know our device even before buying an elliptical bike, the better we will be able to get your performance.

The movement is similar to exercises such as climbing stairs or skiing, low-impact exercises recommended for people with joint problems or back problems.

With it you can burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes of exercise with an average intensity to give you an idea and also exercise a lot of muscles, reaching 700 calories if we are about an hour, which makes it the best machine of cardio to lose weight and tone muscles. With what, how can we get more performance? These are my tips:

1- The arms are important.

Do not forget the machine you have bought !, the handles are not only to support us and maintain balance. we can also exercise with the arms even if in some cases we already noticed the legs more tired not to get off without more and take a short break removing them from strength to then return to resume, and while we do not stop burning calories and exercise, once the muscles are hot is best to make the most, and so exercise the top and bottom.

2- On the lower train

There are two exercises to perform, press on the heels and tone buttocks or quadriceps with the tips of the feet, we should always do it in both areas so that our body is changing uniformly and there is the no less developed area.

3- There is also the middle zone

If we see ourselves with confidence on the machine, we can do without the handles to place the hands on the hips to move, so the waist will play a very important role to maintain balance and concentrate strength in the abdominal and torso. 

With this exercise, we will develop our balance which is very useful in many circumstances because we usually have it quite regular if we do not do similar exercises.

4- Effective in high intensity.

We already commented that you could do high-intensity intervals, although, for those training, spinning bikes are more recommended. We also talk about series in which we insert exercises with a high level of effort with others of medium level, in this way the musculature has to make more effort and stimulates it much better to develop, the more muscles involved in such an exercise, the greater will be the caloric expenditure, the development of the muscles involved and the greater long term accelerates our metabolism, remember that the muscles spend more calories than the body fat, so that the more fit we are, the more calories we burn and being in shape does not mean only have little weight, if not, have a developed muscle.

5- Exercising gradually

As we have mentioned in the earlier point, it uses a lot of muscles, so if we are starting to exercise or if we have been taking time, but we are increasing the intensity, try to start gradually, because we spend a lot of energy, if at first, we get excited we will get tired too fast because our muscles are not hot enough and they will not have been able to exploit that energy that we generate correctly.

Likewise, we also run more risks of injuries, so the heating and subsequent stretching are extremely important, even when starting to roll do it gently so that the joints are decreased with inertia.

In the end, you can choose the best elliptical from here

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