5 Tips to Maintain the Starkey Hearing Aids During Summer Seasons

by Amelia White Business Analyst
As the summer season sets in Bulleen, it is a harbinger for them with hearing disparities to remind them of the hearing aids, similar to many high-tech devices that are vulnerable to excessive heat and moisture. Starkey hearing aids are highly reliable than the others because of the proprietary Surface TM Nano Shield facilitating the moisture-repellent system. 

While using the Starkey Hearing aids, you have to remember a few five tips to ensure a long term performance despite the rise in temperature. 

i. Store the Hearing Aids In A Dry and Cool Place 
The hearing aids cannot stand the excessive heat as it harms the hearing aid circuit.  The circuit is the tiny computer chip serving as the hearing aid’s “brain”. Even the excessive moisture could settle on either the microphone’s diaphragm or the receiver and result in a “dead” hearing aid. So, the safe step is keeping the Starkey hearing aids in a cool dry place as advised by the doctors in Bulleen

ii.To keep the moisture out of the Starkey Hearing Aid, Use “Dry-Aid” Kit
If you are wondering what a dry-aid kit is, then know it that the desiccant and hearing aid dehumidifier make up the kit. The moisture-absorbing substance is the desiccant often seen in dry goods like electronics, shoes, and clothes. Starkey provides dry-kits, affordable desiccant, and dehumidifier. Everything is specifically designed for the hearing instruments which include the hearing aid dehumidifier.

iii.Keep the Desiccant Sealed in A Dry Place
The desiccants will attract moisture if they are exposed. So, you need to keep the desiccant sealed in a controlled environment to ensure that the desiccant is assured of its ling life. 

iv.Protect the Hearing Aids From Excessive Perspiration
Sweat is even the moisture and excessive moisture will damage the instrument. The Starkey hearing aids have the ability to handle just the normal perspiration. Once these are affected with excessive perspiration, you have to immediately remove them and open the battery doors for the air to circulate through the devices. Better will be to keep the Starkey hearing aids in the desiccant kit!

v.Avoid Using Liquid for Cleaning 
No liquid is allowed to use to clean the hearing aids. Alcohol is strictly prohibited! It is because the liquids are the clustered molecules and will damage the pars of the hearing device. Use a soft and clean cloth for wiping and make sure to store them properly sealed. 

You can find the Starkey hearing aid available in varied options. Indeed the Starkey hearing aids are great for every hearing loss level and one can use them by adjusting through the Thrive Hearing Control app. The various styles are helpful for individual preferences, comfort, and appearance. In fact, the Starkey Hearing Aid is the perfect solution for the ones struggling with hearing loss.

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