5 Tips to Get Personal Loan in Chennai with Bad Credit History!

by Kavya Negi Finance Advisor

A financial emergency is a crucial situation when we need money urgently. In this case, our first attempt is to apply for loans, especially Personal Loan. Applying for a Personal loan is way easier than any other loan.  The reason behind this is that People need Personal loans for various reasons and so we all are inclined towards the need of a Personal loan. Wait a second it gets difficult for us to apply for a loan if we have a bad CIBIL Score or Bad Credit history. So, it gets important to improve it. Now, if you want an answer to how to avail Personal loan in Chennai? You have to read the article!

What is Credit score or Credit history?

A credit score or Credit history is the first impression of a borrower in the eyes of a lender. Now, it basically defines the credibility or strength of a borrower to repay the loan. It ranges from 300-850. The higher the Credit score is, the higher the possibility of a borrower to repay the loan. The bad credit score starts t 650. People who have a bad credit score, they are required to pay the highest interest rates. Have a look at the table!

Ø  760 – 850 – excellent

Ø  700- 759 – very good

Ø  660- 699 – fair

Ø  620 – 659 – poor

Ø  Scores under 620 – poor

How to get a Personal loan at a low CIBIL score: 5 tips!

You must rebuild your Credit

If you have a bad credit score, you must definitely try to improve it. Give it proper time to improve the score you have. Make your every payment on time and also keep checking your Credit Report.

Opt for bad Credit Lenders

Now, you are unable to improve your credit score, you can definitely try to contact a credit lender who can get provide you a loan even if you have a bad credit score.

Contact a cosigner

This is an important way of getting a loan. If you are unable to improve your credit score, you can take a loan by borrowing someone else’s good credit score. A cosigner is a third party, generally a close friend or any family member. A co-signer agrees to pay your loan if you are unable to repay it.

Contact a friend or a family member!

U can ask for a loan personally and promise to repay at a particular interval of time. Make sure you repay the installments and the entire on time so that the relationship does not suffer. Asking or lending loan like this generally does not include the check or recheck of Credit score.

Apply for a secured loan

A secured loan allows you to borrow personal loan against any asset or mortgage. Applying for a secured loan is way easier than others.

If you have a bad credit history or Low CIBIL Score and still want to apply for a personal loan, you can definitely stay in touch with the Rupee station, which acts as a mediator between the financial institution and the borrower. It gives you a loan at a lower rate of interest, even if you have a low CIBIL score, and gives you the service of online documentation. Once your form is verified, you will be given approval in two minutes. Imagine, if you apply for personal loan at low interest rates you can contact the Rupee Station for further process and information. Stay tuned and connected with the Rupee Station for further help! Reading this article might be helpful too!

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