5 Tips to Enhance your VPN Experience

by Marko Phillips selfemployed
The demand for a VPN is found across borders, and now the tool is used globally. The VPN aims to protect your online presence and identity by encrypting all your data when you browse or visit a website. This way all outgoing and incoming transfers of data will be 100% secure. For businesses and corporations, a fast VPN software is a dire need as it not only encrypts the network but also provides anonymity online and unblocks restricted websites. 

Users assume the VPN would not need any tweaks and as soon as the connection establishes they will receive blazing fast speeds. This is not always the case. Since it adds more layers to protect your internet, its bound to reduce your browsing speeds or the connection. If you're smart enough, then you can reduce the impact and make your VPN experience better. 

Let’s discuss some of the things you can do to enhance your VPN experience.

Restart your Router
This may sound like an ordinary task, and you must be thinking what good this would do? Well, a router is just as a computer because it uses memory and a processor working through an operating system. In case your computer freezes, what would you do? The same applies to a router as well. So, just as what you’re supposed to do, shut down your router and restart it after a few seconds.

With less than 1GB of memory on the router, the average modem can face lags while catering to download requests. By rebooting it, the memory flushes away, and the router finds good channels with less traffic. This is similar to a maintenance check for your router that will make your VPN experience better.

Use a VPN kill switch
VPNs tend to drop their connection, and it happens quite often. When this occurs, the identity of the user is no longer hidden, and you are visible to the world. If the VPN has a Kill switch, then it's a different story as the feature drops the internet connection instantly as soon as the VPN drops the connection. Your identity will not be disclosed until the internet connection establishes again with the VPN.

Since the VPN is used to spoof your identity, having a kill switch feature will notify as soon as the connection drops, and the feature is turned on to reduce any chances of IP leak. 
Read Log Policies Thoroughly
At times the VPN may look safe and secure and while using you would believe the same, but in small prints and clauses, you would learn that the VPN service is tracking your data. This leads to your information being sold to third parties who use it against you. Multiple issues have arrived in the past where VPNs claimed to keep no logs – the ones which are usually free, and yet they practice data logging policies.

This is a big point of concern because no VPN should log data. The VPN still masks the identity online from mass surveillance, but the service itself stores data. It's highly advised to ignore and avoid such VPNs as they pose a threat to your online privacy, the websites you visit and the data you oversee. Go through VPN reviews and personally read the privacy policies regarding the VPN. This way you’ll be satisfied with its practices and enjoy the service. 

Consider strong VPN encryption
Having a VPN does not solve your worries unless you have strong encryption and good security for your WiFi network. It's important to understand that many VPNs have default encryption protocols setup which provides basic protection. Depending on the operating system you are using, encryption protocols should be switched on accordingly. Every operating system (OS) has designated encryption that provides maximum security.

We tend to find free WiFi hotspots that are an easy target for hackers. A VPN is a viable solution which has strong encryptions being used. To make things more clear you need to make use of OpenVPN, SOCKS, PTTP, IKEv2 L2TP, IPSec, P2P, SSTP and much more depending on your OS. This would make your VPN security better removing any chance of a hacker attack.

Look for Prominent Reliable VPN Servers
A common practice is to download and adopt any tool termed as a “VPN.” But users dont realize that the downloaded VPN should be equipped with lots of servers to provide the best server options to choose from. This is important if you want to bypass geo-restrictions and streaming websites like Netflix. Most of the times, the servers in the country are blocked which is why different servers provided by the VPN are used. 

Changing servers and connecting to ones in different countries is a plus because you can avoid multiple charges incurred. How? By changing the location and purchasing tickets from a different country would allow you to get better pricing options.
Final Words

Having a VPN is vital in the world we live in today because of mass-scale surveillance, hacking and to avoid geo-restrictions. It has become part of our routine and system, but these VPNs do not always perform at par and users claim to face multiple issues with connection and security. 

To make your VPN connection better and secure, check the tips mentioned above and make your VPN service perform better. 

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