5 Tips on Hiring Law Firm SEO Expert for Lawyers

by Jones Smith A legal expert

Most of the law firms have well-designed, user-friendly, mobile-responsive websites. Also, you tend to put a lot of effort into building your brand name online. However, apart from a user-friendly website, you should focus hiring a law firm SEO expert on making your website visible to an interested audience base.

With the advancement of technology, everything is moving online. We turn to search engines for answers about anything. And the online experiences mostly begin with a search. With the high competition in the legal market, it becomes essential for you to make your law firm visible to your audience base. Here comes the role of a strong SEO strategy.

Also, one of the most important notes is that most of the lawyers tend to follow the traditional path for SEO, which might be not the best idea.

To improve the marketing of your law firm and SEO, you should consider many strategies. So, if you are looking forward to hiring a law firm SEO expert, then you have landed in the perfect place. In this article, we will also give you an overview of SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a practise to draw quality and quantity of traffic to your law firm’s website by upgrading your position in search engine results.

SEO management helps in making your firm appear on the first page of search engine results and thus, helping in increasing visitors to your website. And, this method does not include any ads. There are several services offering law firm SEO services. However, there is no guarantee whether you will be able to top in the search engine results.

There are three categories of SEO ranking factors for law firms:

     Technical SEO: Your website’s Google-friendliness.

     Backlinks and off-page citations: Impression, authority and credibility that your law firms possess online as compared to the other law firms.

     Content: It consists of words and other content like images and videos.

Why is SEO important for lawyers?

If you are thinking of growing the business of your law firm, organic search traffic becomes an effective marketing channel which is often not considered. However, if you do thorough research, then you will understand that you must give SEO more attention. SEO might seem to be difficult at the beginning if this is your firm’s first attempt in investing in this type of marketing. However, it is one of the essential components of the basic marketing strategy for law firms.

Here are 5 Tips on Hiring Law Firm SEO Expert:

1.    Keywords

You must be aware of the keywords your customers are using to find you. This helps you to come into their view quickly. There are several words used to describe a legal professional like- advocates, counsellors, solicitors, barristers, etc. However, lawyer and attorney are the most commonly used words. Fortunately, Google has already made changes for this.

In 2013, Google updated its algorithm with Hummingbird, which makes use of guesswork from the meaning of the user’s search. Therefore, finding keywords is not a primary concern anymore.

2.    Local SEO

The content of your website demonstrates the specialized services of your law firm. You will be licensed to do business in that particular region. And therefore, you must focus on local SEO.

3.    Customer Reviews and Local directories

Apart from location-based keywords, you can also consider focusing on websites for Local Search and Reviews like Yelp, Avvo,, etc. By listing your business in local directories might be easy but helps a lot in improving your presence online.

4.    Quality content, social media and blogging

An excellent legal website also needs a blog. These blogs allow customers to know about changes in the law. This helps in improving the presence of your website.

5.    Excellent design and professionalism

It would be best if you considered making your website good-looking. A good-looking website has a good impact on your audience base and can be an excellent example of professionalism. Therefore, maintaining your professional image is one of the major marketing strategies.

Apart from all the above factors, social media also has an impact on the online presence of your website. However, it might not have a direct effect on the SEO for law firms, but still, it is capable of supporting your other strategies to draw traffic to your law firm’s website.


This article will help you out in hiring SEO consultants. And you must analyze their performance against standard industry practices. And all the points mentioned above will help you in making the correct decision. You must know several things before making your law firm’s presence online.

Several services offer SEO for law firms, and Conroy Creative Company is the best law firm SEO company out there. Law firm SEO marketing needs to be strategic to be effective. And making use of these strategies, you can optimize your law firm’s website.

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