5 Tips on Boosting Profit with Pay per Click Advertising Services

by Isabel Blamey Professional writer

Improving Return on investment through pay per click campaigns is not an easy task. You need to be a little tricky. To make your task a bit easier, this article is going to share the five most effective tips on improving profit with PPC campaigns. 

Many small businesses have admitted how pay per click campaigns worked as game-changers for them. It can be possible only when you will follow a strategic approach for creating search advertising campaigns. You should start by exploring the right practices that can help you improve your return on investment or ROI. To improve the ROI, experienced and efficient pay per click advertising services follow some effective tips. In this article, we are going to share these tips with you.

1. Consider the Account Structure

If you want to ensure the success of your PPC campaigns, you should start from scratch. Look at your account structure, first of all. If your account is not properly optimised, then making remarkable improvements will make you struggle hard.

There are two integral parts of your PPC account that need proper optimisation. These two parts are:

• Campaigns

You should start by organizing your campaigns with relevant themes. Always remember that each campaign has different ad groups and each ad group will focus on your chosen keywords.  The budget should be set up at the campaign level. Therefore, it is important to decide which campaign topics you would allocate to your PPC budget before heading towards ad group creation.

• Ad Groups

As stated earlier, each campaign contains ad groups relevant to the campaign. These groups are comparatively more specific than the campaign levels.  There is no fixed number of ad groups that you need under each campaign; still, it would be better to keep it manageable.  Stretching the ad budget too thin across multiple campaigns is not a good idea. These ad groups will contain 10-20 keywords that will trigger your ads whenever these keywords will be typed by your users on the search bar.

2. Decide on Best Keyword Match Type Based on Your Business Goals

Keywords are important not only for search engine optimisation but also for pay per click advertising.  While choosing keywords for your campaigns, you should play the game smartly. You need to consider four types of keywords, such as:

• Broad Match Type

The default keyword match type is called the broad match type. It reaches the widest audience as the ad is likely to appear any time a user types any word included in the key phrase. It doesn’t matter with which order the words are typed in the search bar. Whatever is the order, if it includes a word belonging to the key phrase, your ad will appear.

• Modified Broad Match Type

By a little modification, you can turn your broad match keywords into modified broad match keywords.  Such modified broad match keywords will enable you to reach a wider audience. It will provide you with better control to determine which type of users will be able to see your content.

• Phrase Match Type

The phrase match type provides you with more control than the modified broad match types.  This match type enables you to select who will be able to click on your ads. It allows your ad content to appear only for those search engine users who will type your identified keyword phrases.

• Exact Match Type

The exact match keyword is the most restrictive keyword match type offered by Google. It helps you make your ads appear only to those who type the exact keywords in the search bar. 
You may hire a PPC company in Australia for helping you in selecting the right keyword match based on your goals.

3. Identify the Negative Keywords

The use of negative keywords can help you improve your PPC ROI. Words for which you don’t your ads to be shown in search engines are called negative keywords. By using these negative keywords, you will be able to ensure that your ads are not appearing to the users, not fit for your products.

4. Determine Customer Acquisition Costs

You must determine your customer acquisition cost and calculate your average customer value. You need to know what the average customer is worth to your business. It will enable you to determine how much you can spend to get that customer.
To calculate the customer acquisition cost, you need to divide the cost of your PPC ad campaign by the number of the customers acquired through that particular campaign.

5. Decide o the Factors you Want to Test

There is no other best way of ensuring the cusses of your PPC campaign than running an A/B testing.  Prepare and utilise two different groups of elements required for your campaign until you find the right combination. These elements include headlines, body text, an ad link, keywords, etc.

These are some of the vital tops with which the majority of well-known pay per click advertising services improve the ROI for their potential clients. Try these tips to get your PPC performance improved!

Author Bio

Iain Campbell is the marketing manager of one of the well-known pay per click advertising services. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing. Earlier, he worked as a PPC planner with a reputed PPC company in Australia.

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