5 Things You Should Never Try In Canada

by Althaf M Yoonus Digital Marketing Executive

Every country is right in its own way. What would be right in our homeland will be not always right in the context of a foreign country. You can't beat that in any way, rather, all you can do is to accept and embrace the fact. Traveling to a diverse country like Canada, you can find certain affinities to things that might be completely alien to your country. But this variation is the very essence of living in Canada. Let’s find out some amazing facts that make your vacation easier in Canada.

Never Hate Maple

Canada and its affair with maple leaf is a widely understood fact. When a country has maple leaf silhouette on its flag, you have no ways to insult it or say you don't like it. Maple trees steep into the historical developments and continue to be an essential part for the people. Grab cheap domestic flights Canada and travel all across Canada to realize the dominance of Maple trees. They produce valuable wood products and help sustain the sugar industry. Last, not the least, it also adds beauty to the Canadian landscape as well.

Never Compare Canadians and Americans

You are quite sure of the fact that both of these are two different countries. Trying to find out a similarity between two of these supreme global community is actually an insult for both of them. If you ever want to ever see a fellow Canadians who just had a toast with you, changing his mind and stand against you, then just try to shoot this comparison. For example, you might know that as a country for cheap vacations, Canada is more welcoming than America. Apart from its geographical similarities, if we consider the politics, religion, currency, food etc then we can pinpoint a lot of difference.

Never Try Fake Canadian Accent

Travelers who are packing for last minute all inclusive vacations to Canada are advised to never try to show off and try fake the Canadian accent. You might even interact as soon as you land and find accents that claim to be Canadian, but in reality, they won't be. The real Canadian accent might be strangely different than what you hear. Now, never feel puzzled if you find some Canadian talking in the American language. In some areas, the accent will be similar due to the geographical closeness. Try to be moral and try to be fair in your communication.

Never Break Strange Laws

Canada has framed a strange set of laws from witchcraft, sorcery to blasphemy and sleigh bells. Never miscue the joy of your vacation by taking part in any of these punishable offenses. Make sure you stay away from any such acts. When considering the legal impacts of taking part in these activities, then you have enough reason to stay away from these activities. It's highly disappointing for those who wish to do some Harry Potter kind of stuff in Canada, but only for your sake of enjoying vacations flawlessly.

Follow the Metric System

Visiting the second largest country in the world means you are going to rely on hell lot of travels. Canada has a different functioning that is different from other countries. Canada officially relies on a metric system which has lesser space for pounds and gallons. In day to day activities, we come across different variants like distances, speed, volume, temperature, weight and much more. In Canada, things are calculated in a different way than in your country. Make sure you follow it.

Fear to Swear

If you are exploring Canada and happens to fall in a situation where you normally intend to apologize and swear, then remember not to swear. It's illegal to swear in some areas of Canada. You might feel it very strange but it makes sense when you really think about the consequences. So make sure you button up your mouth and just apologize. By not swearing, you even have the liberty to repeat it again. Just kidding though! So keep swearing at bay in Canada.

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