5 Things That Harm Your Marble Floors | Hear it From Our Home Cleaning Service Experts

by Enviro Vatika Enviro facility Management

Caution is always vital for maintaining marble floors. Whether it is you or your home cleaning services doing up the job, marble floors if maintained well, can keep its opulence way after fixing. 

They are, however, prone to scratches, scrapes, and stains if not protected from chemicals. There are things you need to do to preserve your marble’s stature.


Acidic Cleaners 

Acidic cleaners corrode marble floors. Options like vinegar, baking powder, and lemon are exceptional stain removers. But a big no-no for marble floors. Unlike granite, marble is soft, plus it wears out quicker and stains faster.

Vinegar etches your marble, changing its color and staining it. If it interacts with the marble, you can only remove or peel off the stained layer. 

Home cleaning services have the professional acumen to clean marble floors without tampering with its outlook. 


Debris, Sand, and Abrasives

Sand, dust, and debris particles can engrave and leave marble floors stained. When cleaning marbles, sweep the floors well to remove any dirt stuck onto the marble surfaces. Dirt compressed into the marble scars leaves the floors discolored. 

Also, ensure there is always a doormat at the doorstep, to help in reducing debris buildup. When cleaning, use an untreated or chemical-free mop to avoid etching the surfaces.

If the marble developed crevices have an uneven til structure or deep cracks, you may contact home services for repairs before cleaning.


Water, Alcohol, and Mud 

Water and ice should not fall on marble floors. While ice weakens the floors, water infiltrates into the floor’s surface, staining the marble. During deep cleaning services, cover the marble floors to ensure they don’t interact with water or any chemicals.

Meanwhile, mud also leaves marks and stains on the floor. The mud can also leave permanent stains impeding the elegance of the marble. 

To prevent mud from getting into the house or in contact with the marble floors, use stable mats. Ensure the mats are stationary to prevent slip-ups when people walk and install mud scrapers outside your home.


Chairs without Protective Pads

As stated earlier, marble stone etches and scratches fast. Chairs move when being used or when cleaning. Protective pads or buffers can help reduce the impact through carpets and work better in lessening chairs and furniture impact.

Also, ensure everyone in the house doesn’t drag chairs. When cleaning, rather than dragging sofa sets, seek help to lift, clean before returning them to their old position. 


Not Sealing Floors and Countertops

Wine, juice, food and turmeric spills ruin marble floors. Pet urine is also another enemy to marble floors for its acidic. 

To prevent people from spilling wine or juice on floors and countertops, use coasters. Coasters prevent fluids from spilling on floors, saving you the heartache of stains and the need to call deep cleaning services. 

While you might love your puppy, put it off the house until it gets trained well to escape pet urine. Or stay alert for pet pee and clean the spills immediately as and when they happen. 

For maximum protection and alleviation of worry, contact home services for marble floor sealing. Sealing creates a protective layering that counters water, acids, and all fluids’ impact, and lets your marble surfaces stay new for a longer time.

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