5 Steps to Take If You Think You Have the New COVID-19 Variant

by Gloria Wharton Content Writer

The latest research from January 2021 holds a shocking revelation. It proves that the SARS-CoV-2 variant is two times more replicative.

In a shocking news received on January 7th, 2021, coronavirus strand B.1.1.7 was found in Harris County, Texas.

The contagious nature of the new variant has terrorized the public in the US. Authorities in Houston are instructing the public to take social distancing seriously.

Due to these events, labs across Texas are offering fast & rapid COVID-19 testing. This way the virus can be stopped effectively.

The residents of Texas are in a state of panic. This is why we have summed up 5 steps for you that you can take if you think you have the new COVID-19 variant.


But first, let’s see if there are any new symptoms associated with the new COVID-19 variant.

      What are the Symptoms of the New COVID-19 Variant?


Experts believe that the symptoms of the new variant are almost the same as the previous strain.


The symptoms provided by WHO are:


-       Body aches

-       Fatigue

-       Fever – It has to be above 37.8C

-       Conjunctivitis

-       Loss of taste and smell

-       Coughs

-       Diarrhea

-       Loss of appetite

-       Shortness of breath

The world has pushed the world into a state of panic.  Because the new COVID-19 variant shares the same symptoms as the previous strain.

Helpful Tip: You should get tested if you are a resident of Texas and have developed COVID-19 symptoms.  There are many facilities in the Houston area that offer fast & rapid COVID-19 testing.


      How to Prevent the New COVID-19 Variant from Spreading?


If you want to know how you can limit the new COVID-19 variant from spreading, here are 5 ways:


1.     Don’t Leave Your Home, Except When You Have a Medical Emergency!


Medical experts have been constantly instructing us to stay home. Globally, social distancing is considered the only way to stop the spread of COVID-19.


-       Stay Home at All Times. If your job requires you to leave your house every day, you should let your superiors know of your condition. Take a couple of days off and isolate yourself! But, if your job can be managed online, you should work from home.


-       Seek Medical Advice Virtually. Stay in touch with a medical professional either through phone or a video call. Check your symptoms and report them to the doctor honestly.


-       Only Leave Your House When It’s a Medical Emergency. As advised before, you should not leave your home in any way. Let's supposed that you start facing medical issues like shortness of breath. If you don’t have the equipment to treat it at home then you should communicate that to your doctor. Upon his advice, you should leave the house. Nonetheless, go alone instead of calling a taxi or other public transport.


2.     Inform People That You Were in Close Proximity With!


Informing people about your contraction of the new COVID-19 variant is not just about you. It is about helping others and saving lives, especially during a pandemic.


-       Inform Others So They Isolate on Time. Millions have lost their lives to this deadly virus. It has become important for people to inform their close contacts about the exposure. Informing others about the exposure might further limit the spread.


-       Inform Others So They Test on Time. Getting tested for coronavirus holds great importance in stopping the virus from spreading. My colleague informed me when she tested positive for COVID-19. I immediately tested for it in a Covid-19 Testing Laboratory in Chinatown. My test came out negative. This shows that when you inform others, you do your part in limiting the spread of the virus.


3.     Keep an Eye Out for Any Unusual Symptoms!


You can seek emergency medical services on time if you keep an eye out for any unusual symptoms.


The usual symptoms include fever, dry coughs, fatigue, and shortness of breath.


-       Report Alarming Symptoms. It is possible that you might face certain symptoms. These symptoms include bluish lips, extreme shortness of breath, trouble seeing, and confusion. In case of any such symptoms, you should immediately tell your doctor.



-       Immediately Informing Your Doctor About New Symptoms Can Help in Further Research. Currently, the world knows very little about the new COVID-19 variant. Let's suppose that you report any new symptoms to a medical professional. Do you know what advantage it holds? It can help the researchers in treating others like you. So, do your part responsibly!


4.     Don’t Share Personal Household Items!


It is quite possible that you don’t live alone. You might have other family members living with you in the same house. In that case, you should not share your household items with others.


-       Household items should not be shared with others. Household items consist of things like soaps, towels, utensils, and bedding. Especially if you think you have the new COVID-19 variant.


-       Move to a Separate Room. Moving to another room can be beneficial to you and your family members. This way the virus might not transmit to them.


5.     Clean and Disinfect Your Room/House!


Cleaning and disinfecting your surroundings can be a good thing. It can limit the spread of the new COVID-19 virus.


According to the CDC, disinfecting your surroundings includes cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen, specifically. This is because our body fluids, blood, and stool are found in these places. Studies have shown that stool can transmit the coronavirus. So, we need to disinfect our bathrooms daily if we have the virus.


This way, even if you have just one bathroom in your house, the virus won’t transmit from you to your family members.


Following these 5 tips can help you limit the spread of the virus.


Also, you should get yourself tested for the virus from a healthcare facility. I live in Chinatown, so I tested in the best Covid-19 Testing Laboratory in Chinatown.


If you want results in 24 hours, there are many facilities in Houston. Many now offer fast & rapid Covid-19 Testing facilities.

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