5 Staggering Healthcare App Ideas Making Patient Care Automated

by Sefali Warner Business Analyst

In 2021, mHealth apps have significantly risen significantly and transforming the almost complete patient experience and the industry's way of thinking. It can be termed as a complete transformation to the healthcare industry.

You would remember that people used to prefer visiting doctors' clinics, hospitals, and medical stores when they get sick or need medications. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, now people are averting it and thinking this way as risky and preferring to use smart apps to get solutions for their healthcare problems. 

Do You Know?

Currently, there are 325,000 mHealth apps are available on the Play Store and Google Play Store.  

As per Gminsights, the mHealth market size is estimated to surpass over $30.3 billion in 2018 and is predicted to rise at the rate of 38.5% CAGR till 2025.

Source: Gminsights

By developing exceptional healthcare apps, you can boost your startup', SMEs, or large enterprises' growth in 2021 and upcoming years. Moreover, if you are thinking of creating a basic healthcare app, then you should know that it is not going to help you as there won't be a significant purpose conjoined; hence there will be no use of it to achieve a tangible goal. Thus, try building apps using the top and trending Healthcare App Ideas to ensure fulfilling end goal, specific and tangible.

Top 5 Healthcare App Ideas Modernizing Medical Services

When healthcare is a major setting for people care, you must be eager to know that what types of mHealth apps can be created. Thus, here I have stated the best healthcare app ideas, which will allow you to improve patient care and your customer experience. If you are countering issues developing the app, then you can avail Healthcare app development services from the top-level Healthcare software development company.

  1. Health Reminder Apps: Reminds of Taking Water & Medicines 

  2. Doctor Consultation Apps: Take Doctor Appointment & Guidance Online

  3. Self-Testing Apps: Now do a self-health check-up at your place

  4. Fitness Tracking Apps: Know How Fit You Are

  5. Medical Translation Apps: Understand the Meaning of Complex Medical terms


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The busy schedule of humans can make them forget about prescribed medication & pill partaking on time. So, by creating this app, you can remind users about their medicine intake times and reminder for appointments.  

Such mobile applications will support users in maintaining health by reminding them about critical aspects related to body care & medicine. By utilizing health reminder mobile apps, you can set the alarm for taking water, medicine, going jogging, exercise, and more. Even such applications will help you attain personal health goals.

Key Features

Adding multiple features can support you in building the foremost healthcare app. To make the health reminder app unique, you can add various elements like:   

  • Adding multiple health tips

  • Add a calendar to set health goals  

There are so many popular health reminder apps, but few became famous in the market, and those are Medisafe, MyMedSchedule Plus, Headspace, Aaptiv, and more.


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Unfortunate health issues can be very pesky. Getting neuralgia or stomach ache in the night can leave you restless. In this situation, we need immediate doctor consultation to get the same you can use the doctor consultation apps.  

Suppose you are running a startup or SME business. In that case, you can go with the option of creating Doctor Consultation Apps, and for this, you can avail app development solutions from the recognized Healthcare software development company.

Key Features

By utilizing the doctor consultation mobile app, users can talk to doctors. You can also add various features to make your app more user-friendly such as: 

  • Expert doctor listing

  • Online Appointment opportunity

Popular Doctor Consultation Apps that made their name in the market are the Doctor on Demand app, Amwell, Lemonaid, LiveHealth, PlushCare, etc.



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Nowadays, people are so busy in their day-to-day life and work that they don't have time for their own, and that's why humans take their fitness as a secondary concern. But by developing Self-Testing Apps, your company can proffer users safe health.  

Smartphone users can use this sort of app for doing self-health check-ups and examining the level of the vitamin in the body and other diseases. 

Key Features

Such Healthcare mobile app development can help you perform regular body check-ups. In this sort of app, you can add various elements to make it more user-friendly. 

  • Doctor's listing

  • Hospital locating map for finding nearby hospitals.

Famous Self-Testing Apps that are liked and used by numerous people are uChek, Ada, and so on.


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One of the trending medical app ideas in the health sector is building a fitness tracking app. This app helps users examine how many calories he/she burned in a day. By using this app, users can do exercise, yoga, meditation by viewing videos included in the app. 

Key Features

  • Incorporate EHR systems into an app to track all the vital health details of the patients.

  • Including a timer for recording the exercise time.

Popular Examples of Fitness Tracking Apps: Availing healthcare mobile app development services from the best IT company can help enterprises building famous healthcare mobile apps like Fitness22, FitNotes, RunKeeper, Strava, Yoga Studio, etc.


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Most of the patients visit other countries for treatment, and in this case, most of the patients and doctors face a language barrier problem. In this case, you can use Medical Translation Apps to understand the complicated medical terms.  

Such apps include hard medical terms listing and their meaning. The telemedicine market is ensured to have a value of more than $175 billion by 2026 (Statista).

Key Features

The mHealth app development solutions can help you build popular Medical Translation Apps. Incorporating multiple features can help you make your app more unique.

  • Addition of Voice translations alternative

  • Include multilingual options 

Well-Known Medical Translation Apps are MediBabble, Canopy Apps, VerbalCare, iTranslate, and many more.  

Wrapping Up

Numerous healthcare apps are employed globally, and it has been observed that the weekly time spent on healthcare or medical apps grew at a larger rate in 2020. So you can also concentrate on creating excellent health apps; this can help your enterprise in rising productivity in 2021 and upcoming years.

Availing healthcare mobile app development services from a reliable healthcare app development company can help you build an outstanding app meeting your business demand and goal.

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