5 Sex Positions Where You Can Use Sex Toys To Take Things to the Next Level

by Jiiang Lui professional writer
Most people believe that a pleasure device is for solo play only. This topic aims to prove that a pleasure toy can also elevate the intensity of partnered sex to newer heights.
Most folks believe that a pleasure device is only for solo play. If you’re one of them, you need to read this right now. Numerous sex positions can feel even better when combined with pleasure toys. Unfortunately, most couples rarely explore these sex poses. Sexual wellness experts believe the time is right for everyone to incorporate these poses in their sessions and elevate sexual stimulation with sex machines and toys. Now, for vanilla couples, imagining these positions or even using pleasure devices may not be possible. However, if you’re willing to take the necessary steps to add more spice to the bedroom, you should definitely consider buying a toy and using it along with these positions.
  1. Like a dog: You can probably guess what this one is all about – the good old doggy style! In the all-time classic doggy style position, the penetrating partner will go around and pleasure the recipient with a toy. Or, if you think you’re up for it, consider letting an Adjustable Thrusting Fucking Machine give it to the recipient from behind while the penetrating partner does it from the front. Of course, the recipient has to agree to oral sex first.
  1. Front row centre: Everyone wants the best seat in the house, especially when watching movies. For more intimate pleasures between partners in love with each other, you need a sturdy chair first. The penetrating partner will occupy the chair, while the recipient will sit on the penetrating partner’s lap. Either partner can use a pleasure toy to make the partner on top howl with pleasure. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to accommodate an Adjustable Thrusting Fucking Machine in this pose, at least as long as the recipient has a partner.
  1. Spooning: What’s the best position to try after a sweet session of spooning? Just let the bigger spoon lift the smaller spoon’s leg in the air and start giving it. The smaller spoon will use a toy to pleasure the nether regions simultaneously. Or, take it a couple of notches higher by letting the little spoon hold its legs open while the big spoon does it from behind with a vibrator. Keep rotating between both positions of unending pleasure.
  1. Strap-on: The strap-on is perfect for partners where both individuals lack a penis. Today, however, sex toy manufacturers have unique strap-on devices built specifically for penis holders. In other words, people with a penis can penetrate both doors of their partner with a vagina, and they can do it at the same time. Also, a strap-on can come in handy during the after-orgasm refractory period. The penis holder can keep the session ongoing during the resting phase with the strap-on.
  1. For long-distance relationships: Just because you’re in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you can’t fool around with sex toys. Just initiate a video call session or send dirty text messages while using a device that you can control remotely using an app or a controller. Yes, remotely controllable pleasure devices are available these days. The app-controlled ones, in particular, are so powerful that you can manipulate your partner’s toy even from a different country!
Wrapping it up
You probably never had these ideas, but now, you’re well-equipped to delve into the deepest, darkest, and most sensual depths of love and carnal pleasure. The only thing you need now is a pleasure device. If you’ve never used one before, consider buying the most basic products, such as dildos and vibrators for men and cock rings and masturbation sleeves for men. Once you get a hang of these sex toys, you can bring in the big, bad playthings, such as an automatic fucking machine. These contraptions are even better but can be a little intimidating to those who’ve never used pleasure devices of any kind before.


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