5 Rules to Pursue and Pick the Fit Capo for Your Guitar

by Austin C. Music Teacher in Singapore

So capo buying is the immediate to-do chore in your bucket list? Dubious over how to select that apt tool that syncs perfectly with your guitar’s ‘profile’ and lets you make the real-time progress at guitar lessons for beginners?

How about having some pragmatic tips to this end? Too time-consuming and complex the ‘buying guides’ appear?

Well, acknowledging modern society’s desire to learn – but by a faster pace, this article represents some most succinct (but so-effective) insights over the job of capo buying.

GuitarElectric Guitar Lessons Versus Acoustic Guitar Lessons

If you are reading this article, you probably have decided to start guitar lessons for beginners. You are probably making a decision whether to go for acoustic guitar class or electric guitar class. You may feel confused or uncertain and need expert advice.

Gather yourself and get savvy within, at the maximum, quarter of an hour.

Let the clock tick:

Have Your Guitar at Disposal

Indispensability if you really wish to accomplish one perfect buy. How much advantageous the capo is proving for your guitar education ultimately depends upon –

  • The effortlessness with which you can ‘sway’ it through over the fretboard
  • How firmly - inclusive of uniformity, the tool is fastening upon the strings

These can be ascertained only when you sync it in with the very instrument and analyze, right?

Moreover, what’s the exact contour of the gear’s fingerboard decides the capo shape you will be picking up - so that balanced pressure can be maintained:

  1. Fret-boards possessing an upright outline need straightened-out capos with vertical edges
  2. Those being ‘a little’ curvy throughout the edges urge for capos of curvature style

Also, ensure whether –

  • The fixture is twisting the strings
  • It's meddlesome for your fretting hand

Know the Real-time Beneficial Types

Clutch, Partial, Cloth and Toggle, Trigger, Cradle, Lever, C-Clamp – the varieties available for you to explore are really versatile.

But too many choices are way too confusing as well, right?

(Learn about the most trending Capos of 2019 right here)

Recognizing that this article highlights, in specific, the sorts endorsed by acclaimed guitar lessons Singapore –

Trigger Capos

  1. Readily ‘getting fit’ and ‘coming off’ with one hand usage
  2. Simple compression of both handles to operate
  3. ‘Springy’ and pivot-style clasp ensuring sturdiness
  4. Minimizes the distance between the neck and fret
  5. Adept for continuous strumming and key changes sans intervals 

C-Clamp Capos

  • Distinctive thumbscrew facilitating with flawless tension adjustment of strings (both adding-in and releasing)
  • Removable spring allowing for rapid change
  • Expert-vowed to reduce non-required ‘buzzes’ and protect strings from getting snapped

Cradle Capos

  • Unique centralized crib sitting at guitar’s neck exact rear-mid area
  • The smooth and flat bar offers most uniform pressure to strings
  • In effect, the chords strummed never sound out-of-tune
  • If to pursue, opt only for the D’Addario sorts to accomplish the quality assurance inherent to the veteran Brand

How Sleek It Is?

Any ‘make’ disparity or hard-to-notice bumps over the capo’s body can eventually affect the fret-board with heavy scratches and cuts through the neck.

So prior to proceeding to pay, have a ‘feel’ of the fixture and check for any kind of hindrances as you move own fingers.  Be especially aware of any pointed edges.

In addition, confirm from the salesperson about the in-built spring module’s quality and longevity.

The more quickly this ‘Springiness’ erodes, multiply the ‘buzz’ and string deafening issues for your instrument.

The Price Check

A factor directly related to the material you choose. While the wood-made pieces of $60 price range assuredly appears a bit fancy for the student level, do not settle for anything way too cheaper like the rubber or cloth made ones.

Those $5-$10 capos tend to be highly fragile, ‘giving in’ after the shortest ‘working life’ and compromising the overall pitching benchmark of your instrument.

As voices, a master groomer of Stradivari Strings, the quality, and traits inherent to the fixtures coming within the cost yardstick of $14-$35 are suit-est to fulfill learners’ purposes.

Add-On Features

To check upon only for gaining long-term productivity from the fixture. Ensure that your selected piece is –

  • Fair-enough ‘lightweight’ for spontaneous movements and easy maneuverings; ask for Shubb brand’s “Lite” and G7th’s “Ultralight” models
  • Either of clamp-on style or roll over nature, so as for remaining ‘settled’ over the guitar only when not in use
  • Able to ‘consume’ 3-5 adjoining strings at a single time
  • Fit for mounting through neck’s both up and down styles

May you bring home the best accomplice for jamming!

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