5 reasons you should stop using plastic straws

by Rose Walker Writer

Do you know the ill effects of plastic? Are you searching for facts to defend your view? Probably, you know that plastic is non-biodegradable, that causes the major problem for our environment. Many restaurants are banishing plastic drinking straws to promote alternative straws. 

A few years ago, we thought that reusable plastic straws could control this problem. But in the 21st century, controlling is not the solution to this problem. Therefore, we must look for alternative resources.


Here we are giving you five reasons to stop using plastic straws in your daily life.  

1. Plastic Straw Contains Chemicals

Whether it is a BPA free straw or a standard plastic straw, it contains chemicals and toxic elements. Indeed, this causes chronic diseases to the human and animal world.

2. Straws pollute the Sea

Straws are winded up in the shore and blown out of trash cans. You can use reusable plastic straws, but this does not solve your problem. You should use plastic drinking straws. 

3. Plastic Straws are Not Biodegradable

A plastic straw can remain for thousands of years because it is non-biodegradable. It is very lightweight and thus very difficult to compost or recycle. Only ends up in the landfills and destroys our ecosystem. It is very interesting to note that it only has a utility span of 10 minutes. 

Now, think about the drawbacks of using a plastic drinking straw. Even, you cannot burn it because it emits dioxin and chemicals. If you are a restaurant owner or a regular user, you should purchase an alternative biodegradable straw. 

4. Straw Injury

Straws hurt many people. Whether it is metal straws or plastic, it is a headache for the human world. Besides that, many BPA free reusable plastic straws are very hard to clean; this causes diseases and injury to the users. 

5. Short Life Span of Plastic Straws

Straw savvy people use thousands of plastic straws in a year. That causes harm to thousands of aquatic animals, breaking the food chain and ecosystem. 

What can we do?

A small step has been taken from Wilbistaw; we manufacture and promote biodegradable and compostable paper drinking straws. If you are finding an alternative of plastic straws, then get a quote from us. 

You should start promoting alternatives of the plastic straws, whether it is metallic straw, glass straw, bamboo or paper straws. A little awareness can reduce the use of plastic straws. Now you have enough reasons to defend your views. 

If you want a healthy future for you and for your future generations, start taking action against plastic.

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