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SUMMARY:  Building an ecosystem that diminishes the loss-leaks. There are many ways that can be practiced to make your organization that does not fall off the roof. Read this article, to know about the things that the Fortune 500 companies have been practicing, this in return has got their back in several ways…

What defines your company the best? The productivity, the staff, the services, the Corporate Cocncierge that it uses, the Chauffeurs, the waiters in the office, the coffee mugs or what exactly describes your company?

How do you measure profit and turnovers? Through the numbers and the amount of zeros that has been tagging with company’s account? The number of projects and the number of successful deliveries can be easily put on charts to calculate the data and its outcomes, but this is not a real picture. Not at-least with the 98% of the companies in the world.

Not every company falls under the list of fortune 500, so what exactly those companies have been doing with their accounts and projects that they fell over the cushioned garden and rest of the entire world is slipping from their positions? Here is the list of 5 things that Fortune 500 companies have been practicing, to garner their sales chart over the roof, and manage to maintain their position in the list?

1. Employee Welfare:
Why Employee Welfare is important? I have personally heard people calling their employees as slaves. They are being paid for the jobs, and they cannot choose to opt. If that would have been the reason, then you are being irrational. When it comes to a white collar job, you are actually not playing people for the amount of energy and hard work they are doing for your organization. You are paying for their skills, which are being used to remove the friction, to lessen the job delays and to benefit from their experience.
If it was just a matter of man force, then why in the first place you look for skills in a candidate when you organization starts the hiring process? You can just look at the age and physique, ask for their medical reports and appoint the fittest of all. Hence, you have to look for their welfare; you will have to embrace their living standards and have to provide them a better life, because if your goal is to take your company into a billion dollar company, then their goal is to live a life that has peace and space. 

2. Work-Life Balance:

Why do you think that an employee would travel miles for a job? Everybody does not want to become an entrepreneur, but that also does not make them less than anyone else. They chose a life where they want limited liabilities, and hence instead of becoming the run-of-a-mill, they decided to rent out their skills for your benefit and would rely on salary systems. So their skills are at your dispose.

3. Lucrative Work Environment:
Why office interiors are altogether a different industry. People have made fortunes by solely creating office interiors. Now why an organization would spend such hefty amounts on interiors? It’s simple, it makes the employees to come and work. You don’t make the place boring, and monotonous and let your employees live at a workplace that they should be proud of. Many companies, makes sure the workplace has amenities like you get in hotels, and that is done just to bring the stress level close to null.

4. Amazing Add On Salaries:

This way the organizations not only retain more employees than others, but also spike the productivity to an extent where there are hardly any errors or delays in their projects. A happy and a calm mind are difficult to find, and if you get one, then it’s a treat to your organization because usually such minds the real problem solvers. Don’t think that these companies usually add numbers to their salaries. There is saying that says, “There are no Free Lunches in this World” and thus companies provide many other services in different forms of perks and advantages making it a unique company, and this way the company becomes a desirable place to work in.

5. Personal Relationship Strategies:
A good communication can win over any problem in this world. Usually, it is known as one of the greatest problem in the corporate sector where the employees are either ill-informed about various things, or a matter of miscommunication hampers projects and relations. These companies not only have a dedicated HR team in their companies, but also a department that makes sure the employees are not under or ill informed about anything. Moreover they also make sure that if there is anything that employee wants to share is kept on priority. 

What is that one thing that covers most of the above discussed factors?

The concierge services have gained a massive momentum in the corporate industry. Not only are they proving their worth of existence but also repeatedly they have proven their very existence has caused some massive profits in the company.

Getting a Concierge Service for your company does not cost you a Golden Dime, rather it’s a very affordable investment that is when kept in the ecosystem, and it pays you back heavenly. Think of all the cost an organization has to bear when suddenly an employee leaves. The retention is important, and you have to build an entire organization based on an ecosystem that does not bites you back.

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