5 Reasons to Know Why Equal Pay for Women Is So Important

by Sharon Rousseau Personal Blogger
Summary- Due to various reasons, it is very important for women to have equal wage as like men. In countries like Australia, women do not get equal pay for the same amount of work done by men. In this article, you will come to know the reasons why equal pay for women is crucial. 

Women in various countries still earn 78% less on the dollar than men even after 45 years after the pass of the Equal Pay Act. Current labour laws favour the employers, even over the rights of minority and women employees, which has put women at severe economic drawbacks. Besides, the House of Representatives passed two important acts to rectify the situation – the Lilly Fair Pay Act and the PayCheck Fairness Act. The current financial condition around the world makes it more important to establish a wage system that claims equal pay for women and men.

Here Are The Reasons Why-

  1. Low Earnings Of A Women Make Them Harder To Take Care Of Their Family Members
    Yes, as the cost of living has mainly increased and has made women face problems to take care of their families. As per the current report, if a woman gets a fair income equal to a man, a single woman’s income will rise to 14%, and the single mothers can get 18% more, and married women will get 6% more than their current income. This increase in the wage will reduce the level of poverty for single mothers by about 50%. This will make women from various economic backgrounds help families, take care of them, and live happily with sufficient food, education, and child health.

  2. Women Who Are More Educated Gets Less Wage
    Even though they invest the same amount of time and energy to get educated as men, they earn less than men who are of self-qualification. As per the CAPAF report, women with a bachelor’s degree or higher will get $815000 lower in their 40 years of career span. 

  3. Getting Lower Wage Also Affects The Society
    It is known to all that State and Federal social programs that are mainly funded by income taxes get affected by the wage gap. As women earn less than men, these tax revenues, where most of them are community services, are lower than that should be actually.
  4. Families Becoming More Dependent On Women’s Salaries As Men Lose Jobs Fast
    Men are turning towards women as a source of financial support during this economic crisis. The unemployment rate among adult men has risen 3% over the last few years, and currently, the rate is 7%, where the percentage of women losing their jobs is about 5.8%. Job losses have affected various sectors like construction, manufacturing, temporary help, and industries that previously employed men are now hiring women. Men are also losing jobs in retail industries, and women are getting recruited here. This is the reason why women should get equal pay for equal work. 

  5. Low Wage Of Women Affects Men
    Men in various parts of the world, mainly in Australia, work for the longest hours in the industries. They, too, get less leisure time as women are too busy with families and kids. As women are spending more hours at home, men have to work more and stay away from families, affecting their mental health.

These are some of the reasons why women should get equal wages as men. Several organizations are now working for equal pay for an equal wage. If you know someone who is not getting the salary that she deserves, you should take help from such organisations that can come forward and help women.

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