5 Reasons NodeJS is Beneficial for Startups

by AspireEdge Solutions Web App Development Company in UK
The popularity of NodeJS, a JavaScript runtime environment, has been increasing since its release in 2009. And it is likely to keep rising, given its perks. While many businesses use this technology today, you may wonder if startups can use it. If so, how would it benefit them? Should you even consider using it if you are a startup? 

While you can know more about this technology on your own through research, it is always wise to contact a NodeJs development company for a more in-depth understanding. However, to give answers to a few of these questions, hang on. In this article, we have listed five reasons NodeJS is beneficial for startups. So, let's get to it. 

Faster development speed and reduced response time 

When a startup hits the market for the very first time, it needs to go through a lengthy process of bypassing through a huge number of A/B tests. In such cases, NodeJS will help you make the process fast in several ways. For instance, Node is extremely lightweight. The only thing you need to do is code. 

It is highly scalable 

Scalability is the crux of NodeJS. It is one of the most basic benefits for startups that want to grow with time. Startups that are app-based require lightweight and fast technology with a real-time response that could easily be scaled further or add/update existing modules. Node handles many concurrent connections, resulting in higher load balancing. Plus, Node’s apps support both horizontal and vertical scaling.

It enables MVP development 

NodeJS lets you quickly develop an MVP (minimum viable product) which is a piece of software with enough features so that the product can go to the market. MVP is an essential stage for developing a full-fledged application and satisfying your customers. Plus, short budgets and strict timeframes dictate that it is worth validating the marketability of the product’s idea. 

It has an active community 

An active community offers a lot of feedback and support. Thriving NodeJS community can help you prevent producing multiple tools and decent instruments that help fasten the development speed. Plus, an active community is ready to help you deal with all your questions or confusions you may have. 

An NPM (Node package manager) is the fastest-growing software registry in the world, as it offers numerous libraries and reusable templates. You can easily incorporate these in your code and create more value with minimal effort. Plus, there is a library or module for almost anything in the NPM. Also, many developers and product owners help you with your questions. 

It is easy to code 

Although it's a new player in the tech industry, it is relatively easier to learn. Unlike Java or .Net frameworks, NodeJS is simpler to code. This is one of the primary reasons many take it as a challenge and are keen to learn it. Also, NodeJS is relatively easy to understand. Many developers today are eager to learn, and some are already experts in this language. So, if you want to hire nodejs developer, it is easy. 


Hopefully, the article helped you understand why and how NodeJS can help startups. This technology will continue garnering popularity since it is easy to code and build applications using them. If you are looking for a NodeJS development company in UK, feel free to contact AspireEdge. They have a team of expert developers who will not only develop your web app but will also give insightful inputs.  

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