5 Proven Ways To Treat Iron Deficiency

by Paul White Dietician

There are many people around the world having iron deficiency. As per the reports, a low iron level is the most significant cause of anemia, and also, it can lead to life-threatening health problems in severe cases. Hence, it is indispensable to pinpoint the early symptoms of anemia and seek appropriate treatment.

As it is said,” prevention is better than cure.” Hence, it would be better to keep the iron levels up to mark. For this, you need to consume iron-rich foods. However, if you can’t eat iron from natural sources, plenty of iron substitutes are available. In such a case, doctors suggest iron supplements for adults and kids. These are easily available in a pharmacy in a myriad of flavors. You can consume iron in the form of tablets, pills, gummies, or liquid. If you have any digestion issues, we recommend taking liquid iron supplements as they are absorbed quickly. Get checked soon if your eye colors turn pale, and you feel weak and unable to do today’s tasks, your nails get brittle. In case a physician determines that you are iron deficient, read on the five proven ways to boost iron levels.

1. Pay Attention To Your Diet Plan

First of all, you need to make changes to your diet plan. Include heme and non-heme sources of iron in your meal. Red meat is an abundant source of heme iron, which is easily absorbed. Apart from this, poultry and fish are also very effective in boosting iron content. If you are a vegetarian, you can consume whole grains, dried fruits, legumes, lentils, and green leafy vegetables to overcome iron deficiency.

To increase the absorption of iron, it is also vital to devour vitamin C-rich foods. Numerous fruits and vegetables contain this nutrient, and some of them are strawberries, potatoes, lemon, paper, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. Consume all these healthy food items in lieu of eating unhealthy junk foods.

2. Take Supplements

The fastest and the most effective way to boost iron levels is by consuming supplements. If you are experiencing severe iron deficiency, doctors often recommend you to take iron alternatives.Some people have a myth that iron supplements have many side effects. However, if taken properly, they do not interfere with the normal functionality of the body. Pregnant women are the ones who need iron in large quantities to fulfill the nutritional needs of growing embryos. Natural food sources of iron are not enough for expecting ladies; they need to take iron supplements for a healthy pregnancy.

3. Dig Out The Underlying Cause

There are a plethora of causes of iron deficiency, and you need to determine the underlying cause that is affecting your iron level. It is not that iron deficiency can be caused only by low consumption of iron, it can also be due to heavy flow during menstruation, vitamin C deficiency, ulcers, or even cancer.

4. Cook Food In Cast-Iron Wok

Another incredible way to boost your iron is to cook in a cast-iron wok. The food you cook in iron utensils absorbs more iron, which in turn injects more iron into your body. That’s why in the olden days, people used an iron skillet. Do not keep food in an iron skillet after cooking as it introduces a foul smell and metallic taste.

5. Change Your Tea & Coffee Timings

Tea and coffee contain caffeine which interferes with the absorption of iron. For instance, a study has shown taking coffee with hamburgers decreases iron absorption by 40%. Similarly, hamburgers and tea meals reduce iron absorption by 65%. Hence, it is important to take them a few hours before or after iron-rich meals.

In Final Words-:

Hope you found the above article helpful and consider the outlined tips to increase your iron levels.



Originally published at on October 29, 2021.

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