5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Hiring Process

by Kristen White Blogger
Find out how you can change the way you recruit new employees by adopting the latest strategies and tests.

The hiring process in most industries seems to be static — extensive and exhausting.

How recruitment was done ages ago continues to be the norm even today — in essence, it is stuck in a rut.

There is no distinction between candidates for managerial positions and entry level. They will undergo the same process from start to finish as it was instituted decades ago.

This is counter-effective and indeed you could miss out on the right employees because other firms have faster and intuitive hiring procedures that attract the best candidates.

The HR world has gone through a lot of development that has improved the way candidates are screened and hired. Your company would benefit from adopting some of the best employment test strategies.

Here are six best practices you should consider taking up this year:

Adopt Video Screening

Technology usually makes things more efficient and video screening is no different. You can cut down on the number of physical interviews which usually are quite long. A video screening process is convenient for both you and the candidate since only the right fits will be called in for an actual interview. This will also cut out personal biases and ensure standard questions for the candidates.
Cultural Fit

Your new hire needs to fit into the culture of your organization. This is something you need to communicate with the candidate beyond the mission statement of a company. It is important that the candidates you attract can work within the environment they will be in. However qualified they may be, it is of no use if they just do not fit into what your company stands for and how it operates.

Tailor the Hiring Procedure for the Position

It is not advisable to have the same process for every position you are trying to fill because you may not be able to gauge the actual potential of a candidate using a ‘one size fits all process.’ Some roles may require a more practical screening procedure than others. Your organization, therefore, needs to customize the procedure to fit the position.

Make the Process Pleasurable for the Candidates

The HR industry now realizes the need to woo the best candidates and this can be achieved by giving them a nice experience that puts the organization in a positive light and attracts the candidates they deserve. At times you may even choose to carry out an interview in a more relaxed setting for the benefit of a candidate. This is particularly applicable when screening millennials.

Pre-Employment Assessment

There are standard tests to gauge a candidate’s intelligence, skill, and character. The candidate's score is collected and their suitability for the job gets rated. In essence, it is a requirement set by an employer to measure a possible employee’s suitability for a job.

Tests in Selection Assessment can Include :

Aptitude Tests: These aim at evaluating a candidate’s capability to pick up new skills.

Cognitive Assessment: These determine the mental ability of a candidate to perform the role they are applying for. The candidate’s IQ is tested along with computing skills, perception, vocabulary as well as reasoning.

Personality Assessment: The candidate’s character is measured along with their emotional state, how they interact with people, what motivates them as well as attitude.

Physical Assessment: The general physical state is measured to determine how strong they are, their physical endurance, and muscular function.

Honesty and Integrity Test:  Here a candidate’s tendency to be dishonest is gauged.

The assessment can involve two tests. One is an integrity test where the candidate is asked direct questions that will bring out their attitude towards dishonesty and how likely they are to steal. The other tests can be less direct and assess the personality of the candidate in areas such as dependability and humility when dealing with higher authority.

There are tests that can measure how likely they are to engage in lying, stealing, and violence among others. You may also consider alcoholism or drug abuse tests. There is indeed legislation in some states regarding such tests and organizations need to seek legal advice before implementing them.
In the end, a refined and well-defined recruitment procedure and employment test are pleasant and productive for both the employers and the potential employees. It can help your company grow with the right talent acquisition. 

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