5 Peculiar Foot Problems that Need Podiatry Treatments

by Isabel Blamey Professional writer
There are widespread foot problems hampering the lives of people, especially sportsmen. This article will explain some of the most common foot health issues which need immediate attention and podiatry treatments.  
Podiatrists are a real boon to the lives of sportsmen as well as the common public who encounter many minor to severe abnormalities in their foot. From acute heel pain to excessively flat feet, ingrown toenails to heel spurs, there are several foot-related problems that affect the mobility and living of the people.  However, as said before, there are fortunately podiatrists, specialised doctors for treating foot problems.
Want to know what are the typical foot problems that need podiatry treatments? Here they are explained.
# 1 Flat feet
This is caused by lowering or flattening of the inner arches of the feet. While it is a general condition and many would do with it without any inconvenience in their life, the scenario is different from others. Prolonged standing or walking or running with flat feet is troublesome and cause a lot of pain. Flat feet are thus most evident in sportsperson. Treatments for flat feet include:
 Custom orthotic devices for arch support
 Stretching exercises
 Supportive shoes
# 2 Cracked Heels
Though you think cracked heels are quite common and happen when the skin in the feet is excessively dry, the problems associated with it are worse. As the fissures develop more, get deeper due to consistent dryness, pain and infections are both obvious. Thus, you need to contact a podiatrist for your cracked heel treatment. Some of the treatments are:
 Moisturising the feet 
 Use of well-fitted, soft, and enclosed shoes (that cover the heels entirely)
 Oil massage and scrubbing
 Soaking in warm water
# 3 Bunions
Bunions are unusual formations at the toe joints, usually called as a bump. They are mainly seen at the large toe joint and cause the toe to twist towards other fingers. Pain due to bunions is consistent and unbearable. Mostly people wearing tight-fitting shoes are prone to the condition because it creates pressure on the joint.
 Shoe inserts
 Surgery
 Well-fitting shoes
 Wearing of splints during night
# 4 Shin pain
Also called as shin splint, this is common in athletes or sportsperson. It occurs when there is consistent pain in the shin area after consistent running or physical activity. The main causes of the pain are improper movements of the leg and nature of the surface where the sports activity takes place.
Key shin pain treatments provided by the podiatrists
 Biomechanical assessment to diagnose the cause
 Stretching 
 Custom orthotics
 Shockwave therapy
 Dry needling and oil massage
# 5 Ingrown toenails
As the name suggests, it is mainly some unexpected growth of the nails that grow into the skin underlining the nail. Thus, it causes pain and may result in severe inflammation. Abnormal cutting of the nails or improper footwear cause result in this condition. Treatments of the ingrown toenails include:
 Surgery to remove the nail growth
 Wearing comfortable shoes
 Antibiotics to prevent inflammation
Well, these are the most common foot problems that need assured podiatry treatments from expert podiatrists. Accurate diagnosis of the problem is necessary to ensure right treatments. Hence, reliable podiatry clinics with all essential equipment and expert podiatrists are needed for treating your problem.
Author Bio:
The Author is an expert physician offering podiatry treatments for all types of foot problems that are affecting the lives of sportsperson. She writes blogs in the free time explaining different ways of shin pain, bunions and heel spurs, cracked heel treatment, and other problems.

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