5 Myths of Carpet Cleaning You Should Stop Believing

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Carpet cleaning seems such a big deal to so many of you out there. The pros vs. cons and DIY methods vs. professional cleaning methods have long been in discussion ever since carpets came into being.

It is no surprise that most of you may have picked up on a few myths related to carpet cleaning, along the way.

Don’t let anyone throw dust in your well-informed about the myths of flicking the dust off your carpet.

Here Are 5 Common Myths Related to Carpet Cleaning:

The More you Clean the Dirtier it Gets!

This is absolutely untrue.

However, if you clean your carpet incorrectly or overuse products, you may find a layer of sticky residue. This will only attract more dirt and soil your carpet in no time.

You could be on the safe side and hire a professional to avoid such soiling. Experts know about the right proposition of solutions and the right equipment to use, based on fabric of your carpet.

The appropriate frequency of cleaning your carpets is once a week.

Vacuuming Causes More Harm than Good!

There are some people who avoid vacuuming their carpet regularly, due to the fear that their carpet will be worn out sooner than they should.

This is not true, there sure have been cases where carpets have been ruined due to vacuuming, however, that should not be taken as a norm.

You need to be wise while choosing a vacuum cleaner for your carpets, based on its fabric and the frequency of cleaning you’d be following.

From a thousand different vacuum cleaners on the market, some may be extremely aggressive for daily use, while some extremely mild.

So, do your research before you settle for the right vacuum cleaner!

But modern carpet installation designs save you the extra efforts, as they can now hold up several rounds of vacuuming.

Steam Cleaning is a Hotbed for Mold!

This is the most common myth and thus, worth discussing.

I hear so many people say that they only dry clean their carpets, because they’ve been told that steam cleaning gives rise to mold and harmful bacteria.

I hate to break it to you, but that’s not clearly what steam cleaning does.

Proper steam cleaning are good for deep cleaning your carpet. An expert in the field, will know just this, that only those carpets left wet or damp for days after cleaning are what may cause the damage.

Many a times, when you clean your carpet by yourself, it tends to stay ringing wet for days. This wet carpet then becomes a hotbed for unwanted mold.

Don’t blame yourself though, you did not know that before!

So the next time you plan on cleaning your carpet after a month or two, do a deep clean by steam cleaning it. And, either do it yourself the right way or hire a professional who knows just how to do the job leaving your carpet dry.

Baking Soda Removes Smell like Magic!

Now that we all have access to the internet, we often believe that DIYs are a better bet over paying money to get things done.

There is no harm in doing so, however, you must remember that some of these methods might hurt your carpet.

The most common instance of this is using baking soda and powdered deodorants to remove smell from your carpets.

So many of you would beg to differ, saying it worked for you like magic. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this method is superficial as some skanky magic trick.

It only masks the odors and does not eradicate the root of the issue. The method might remove the smell but the not what caused the smell.

So your carpet is still dirty. This is a temporary hack many people use.

However, when you plan on vacuuming your carpet for thorough cleaning, the powder may not be suctioned fully by the vacuum and the leftover powder may cause wear and tear of the carpet due to friction.

So, the next time remember to get rid of the source of the odor to get rid of the odor.

New Carpets Need No Cleaning!

Are you one of those who say “My carpet was bought a few months ago, I do not need to clean it!”?

If yes, you better watch out for dirt on your so-called new carpet.

New carpet, would probably be a day or few old, not months and years. Because carpets are constantly being walked on, eaten on, and played on.

In this case would you consider sleeping on such a used carpet? What about the germs and dust it has accumulated?

Hope it is clear now that even if a carpet looks clean and new, more often than not it may have hidden dirt and soil.

You should always stick to a 6-month carpet cleaning routine, to ensure your home is safe from dirt and possible diseases and allergies.

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